Sophie Sandiford amazes the fans with a snapshot of ‘Lookalike’ mother


Gogglebox fans were stunned after Sophie Sandiford shared a photo of her mother.

Sophie appears on the popular Channel 4 show alongside her brother Pete.

The star used social media to celebrate his mother’s birthday and snap a snap to remember her special day.

Sophie is a huge hit with gogglebox viewers (Credit: Channel 4)

Sophie Sandiford shocks goggle box fans

The heartwarming picture showed the family posing together and Sophie wrote, “Happy birthday to the best mom ever.

“We’re all so happy to have you and so grateful for everything you do for us! Have a nice day! I always love you @ juliejohnson31. ”

It wasn’t long, however, before Sophie’s followers rushed to the comments.

Fans shared their shock that Julie was the couple’s mother, and some had assumed she was their sister.

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“Mom? Never! Congratulations to your mother,” replied one fan.

“Gosh. She looks more like your sister than your mother. Happy birthday sweetheart,” wrote a second.

A third replied: “Wow Sophie, you are her doppelganger! I bet you’ve heard that a trillion times. Happy birthday Julie. “

Meanwhile, a fourth added, “Wow, she looks pretty, your sister could be Sophie. Happy Birthday.”

Pete and Sophie’s new addition to the family

On the final episode of the Channel 4 show, the siblings showed off their new corgi named Colin.

The cheeky little puppy ran across the sofa to Sophie before jumping excitedly onto the coffee table.

Colin even tried to have a cup of coffee on the table.

Pete said, “Woah, don’t drink the brew!”

Sophie added, “He will be away from his [bleep]. ”

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Fans were quick to use social media to give two thumbs up to the latest goggle box.

One tweeted: “Colin is a warm welcome to the #Gogglebox Family!”

Another said: “Adorable! love @ PeteandSophie on goggle box. They’re fun, but they really needed Colin! “

Gogglebox will be broadcast on channel 4 on Friday evenings from 9 p.m.

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