Spectators hit the “irresponsible” storage segment

This Morning was accused of “panicking” viewers after a segment on stockpiling followed today (October 13).

On Wednesday’s show, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield sat down with two women who had already started shopping just in time for Christmas.

Rachel Marsden and Pat Smith emerged from their homes where they were both surrounded by an impressive array of festive goodies.

This morning’s viewers today shared concern over an inventory segment (Image credit: ITV)

This Morning Today: What Happened On The Show?

Rachel stated that she started buying early last year due to delivery issues.

She said, “Last year, the deliveries of COVID and everything that was going on took absolutely forever to get here. If they came here at all.

“Some of the items that I ordered last Christmas only arrived last month.

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“So I thought I was panicking at the lack of truck drivers.”

In the meantime, Pat announced that she has a lot of Christmas snacks in stock. She added, “I mean, this is something like Christmas for us.

This morning
Alice Beer spoke to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield (Image: ITV)

“Personally, it’s about family, every year it’s the time when the family gets together that you haven’t seen for the rest of the year.”

Phillip seemed unfazed by the duo as he impaled them about their storage habits.

In the studio, Alice Beer assured the audience that stocks were not absolutely necessary.

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The guest said, “We have an enormous responsibility to sit here to calm things down.”

Then she explained, “Retailers say if everyone bought their Christmas pudding this week or cake next week, retailers would prioritize what gets on the trucks. And you could take out some other lines.

“We may have less choice of pasta, but they would bring more Christmas cakes and Christmas pudding. You would just adjust what comes in. “

How did ITV viewers react?

However, some viewers complained that the segment only encouraged viewers to panic buying.

On Twitter one said: “Irresponsible coverage of this non-story, #ThisMorning, you and other media are to blame if panic buying starts now.”

Another added: “OMG all this ‘panic buying’ talk is making things worse, stop it !!! #This morning.”

What a shame this morning

A third wrote: “#ThisMorning scare tactics again. As always, the media generate panic buying. “

A fourth tweeted, “#ThisMorning How can you help idiots stop panic buying …? Show a lot of people who are doing it and defending it in the name of Christmas! “

In addition, a fifth said, “It’s like the media wants people to panic buying. It’s a shame about #ThisMorning that I added a section on panic buying.

“Riots because people are starving won’t be as fun as they think.”

However, others were disgusted with Rachel and Pat’s shopping habits.

One shared: “She stores beans and porridge for Christmas? #This morning.”

A second said, “#ThisMorning Pat looks like it has been in stock for years!”

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