Spectators smoke as Holly reveals the canceled 40th party

This morning on ITV, host Holly Willoughby expressed her disappointment at having to cancel her 40th birthday plans.

During the daytime show, Holly told her co-host Phillip Schofield that their celebrations would be “very different” than planned.

There was a section on lockdown birthdays that morning (Credit: ITV).

What did ITV presenter Holly Willoughby say that morning?

Holly insisted that she would be “fine” as long as she had “cake and a glass” [her] Hand”.

She said to Schofe: “It’s bittersweet, because next week I’m celebrating my big 4-0 and tomorrow night would have been my big birthday party, which I had to cancel!

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“So it will look very different. As long as I have a cake and a glass in hand, I’ll be fine. “

Holly announced that she had canceled her 40th birthday plans (Credit: ITV)

What did ITV viewers say?

However, a number of viewers said “overcome yourself” to the TV favorite when they pointed out that many people were in the same situation during the lockdown.

“Oh dear, we all have [endured] Blocked birthdays, etc., overcome yourself, ”one commented on a newspaper article.

“Well, join the club,” said a second. “40 isn’t that big, people have missed BIGGER birthdays and events.”

Be grateful that you’re still here to celebrate being another year older.

A third raged: “I was 40 this year and couldn’t celebrate. Get over you, Holly! “

A fourth raged on Twitter: “It’s a [bleeping] Birthday, be thankful that you are still here to celebrate that you are another year older. There are over 100,000 people who can’t.

A number of viewers groaned at Holly’s comment (Credit: ITV)

“I’m tired of seeing people moan about a lockdown birthday or say their birthday is being canceled [bleep] do you break off the birth? #This morning.”

Another on Twitter said, “We’ve all been there, Holly.”

ED! contacted the show for comment.

What happened this morning this morning?

Elsewhere on today’s show, Holly and Phil had technical issues to deal with.

There were serious problems with the audio at one point and viewers complained that it sounded “awful”.

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Some groaned that the problem was making the program “unbearable” as they tried to look through the noises like a “headboard creaking”.

Others on Twitter said they needed to mute or even turn the program off.

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