Spencer Morgan branded “attention seekers” on Twitter

Spencer Morgan was listed as an “attention seeker” on Twitter after posting a “conspiracy theory” about coronavirus lockdown.

Piers Morgan’s 27-year-old son doesn’t always share his British star father Good Morning’s views on the pandemic – especially on Twitter.

While 55-year-old Piers is very vocal about people adhering to the lockdown rules, Spencer believes the lockdown should be removed as soon as possible.

Spencer Morgan doesn’t always share the same views as his father (Credit: Splashnews.com)

What did Spencer Morgan say on Twitter?

Spencer told Twitter: “We are currently on lockdown to protect the vulnerable.

“It gets weird when the vaccine supposedly protected everyone and we’re … still in curfew.”

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He also previously wrote: “It’s a vaccine or bankruptcy for this country.

It gets weird when the vaccine supposedly protected everyone and we’re … still at a standstill.

“This life is literally not worth living and zero COVID is a complete fantasy.”

GMB-Star Piers has three sons (Credit: ITV)

Spencer also liked another tweet that read, “Once the vulnerable are vaccinated, I can’t see any justification for another lockdown.

“We cannot let the government move the goalposts continuously.”

But not everyone agrees with their views.

Spencer Morgan on Twitter: What did the fans say?

A follower replied to Spencer, “Are you listening to what is being said?

“This new variant is also very contagious among young people and the mortality rate is higher. Go and volunteer at a COVID ward, you might learn a lot. “

Another wrote, “Do it right Spencer, we are on lockdown to protect our health system. What do you base this claim on? “

The fan continued, “I’ve read some of your posts and they just seem the opposite of what your dad is saying, or a controversial dog whistle. Searching for attention springs to mind so post some links. “

A third wrote: “No Spencer, we are banned because the NHS is overwhelmed, you must have noticed that too.”

However, some people shared his view with a tweet: “Love it! I’m glad people see this!

“It’s crazy that this should go on into March and the people at SAGE are suggesting we lock up until the summer.”

Barbados to London Lockdown

Spencer has just returned from a three week luxury vacation in Barbados.

During his trip, he shared a number of sun-kissed photos on Instagram while posing in the ocean.

But fans quickly accused Spencer of breaking lockdown rules when he flew to the Caribbean in late December after most of England crashed into Tier 4.

However, Spencer, one of Piers’ three sons, adheres to quarantine rules upon his return to the UK.

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Before going home, he wrote next to one last picture: “Barbados has delivered again. The Caribbean always does, now back in the basement. “

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