Sridevis Death Anniversary: ​​Celebrities talk about this one Sridevi movie that they care about

Sridevi’s sudden death in 2018 came as a shock to everyone. The late actress continues to inspire generations through her work. She fell in love with her performances, her presentation and presence lit up the screen every time. Popular television actors tell us what they admire about the superstar, their favorite Sridevi movie, and much more. Continue reading:

Sharad Malhotra

I like Mr. India, the film has a sizzling performance from Sridevi and their comic book timings are excellent. I loved the way she danced to the tunes of Hawa Hawai. I think she killed it in Kaate nahi katte din ye raat. I am one of their die-hard fans.

Avinash Mukherjee

I loved Sridevi in ​​Chaalbaaz. Your dual role has divided me every time I see the film.

Meera Deosthale

It’s Chandni to me. Along with her performance and expressive eyes, her saris turned into anger. Tere mere Hothon Pe is my favorite song.

Shrishti Jain

Sridevi’s appearance in English Vinglish usually makes an impression on anyone who has seen the film. She is an inspiration to many of us. She had the ability to bring to life all of the characters she portrayed on screen.

Kettan Singh

I would take the name Chandni. The film is the epitome of romance. Nobody can ever play Chandni like Sridevi and take our breath away.

Nilam Kenya

I like Chalbaaz for Sridevi’s dual role and Sadma for sensitivity. Both stories are unique in their own way.

Chandni Soni

I loved the Chandni movie. Sridevi’s style statement was great. I can see the movie a thousand times.

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