Stacey Solomon and son Rex return home from the hospital

Pregnant Stacey Solomon has returned home from her last hospital stay with her young son Rex.

The 31-year-old Loose Women star spent last week in and out of the hospital after Rex suffered a “nightmare accident.”

The two-year-old fell in the garden and cut his mouth heavily.

But after a worrying week, Stacey and Rex have finally returned home after spending two nights separately.

What did Stacey Solomon tell the fans?

On Instagram, Stacey – who is expecting her fourth child – admitted she was exhausted.

The pregnant star also told fans that she is now suffering from swollen feet.

Shared a beautiful picture of Rex and the family dogs Theo and Peanut, Stacey wrote, “Home sweet home – it was a fun old week.

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“But being home and seeing Rex again with his fur brother and sister made my heart happy.

“Theo’s face is just a mood … that’s exactly how I feel right now, being locked in with these three.”

Stacey had to stay in the hospital with Rex overnight twice last week (Image Credit: Instagram Story / Stacey Solomon)

Stacey continued, “Thank you for your loveliness all week. I love you all.

“I’m going to let this bump and my swollen hooves rest. I think I could sleep for a week. “

She turned to her little husband and added, “Pickle, we always love you to the moon and back.”

What happened to Stacey’s son Rex?

Stacey’s “Nightmare” started earlier this week when Rex fell over while playing in the yard.

At the time, Stacey said her fiancé Joe Swash was “in tears”.

Rex was first patched with self-adhesive butterfly strips before returning to the hospital for a small operation.

stacey solomon and rex have come home from the hospital
Stacey thanked the fans for their “beauty all week” (Photo credit: YouTube / Loose Women)

But after being sewn shut in his mouth after an overnight stay, Rex’s temperature skyrocketed.

The doctors then told the worried Stacey to take him back to the hospital.

At the time, she told her 4.5 Instagram followers, “Aw folks, we’re back in triage because Rex’s temperature went up tonight.

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“They are sure everything is fine, but because he’s still small and after the operation they won’t take any chances, so it looks like we’re going for the long haul tonight.

“It was the longest and most emotional week. To be honest, I don’t know how I even have an eyelash. “

Thankfully, it looks like Rex is finally getting better, which means Stacey can finally get her well-deserved rest!

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