Star back to his artwork after the second COVID surge

Billy Connolly, who has Parkinson’s disease, was pictured on his art days after his second COVID-19 shock this week.

The beloved comedian recently announced his retirement from the stage so he can focus on the time he has spent with his family.

In December, the Scottish joke confessed that he felt he wasn’t gone much longer and said he thought about death a lot.

It was a big blow to the fans who hoped and prayed that their idol would stay strong.

Billy Connolly has Parkinson’s (Credit: Splash News)

Comedian has ‘great fun’ in the newest Snap

However, just weeks after his tragic admission, Billy was introduced to how he had “great fun” working on his latest amazing creation.

The star’s wife, Pamela, went on Twitter this week (Wednesday February 24) to share a snippet of Billy doing some artwork.

“Billy has a lot of fun with his amazing drawings and sculptures!” she wrote next to the snapshot.

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The comedian has become quite an artist lately. His works now sell for thousands.

He said of his career change: “People think I paint or draw things on purpose. I don’t, I just draw. So I don’t know exactly what it’s about, but I like to do it. “

Fans rushed to comment on Pamela’s tweet, and one replied, “The big yin looks very nice!”

“Nice to see your Billy contents,” said another.

“He rocks that hippie Santa vibe!” wrote a third.

Billy’s artwork is available from Castle Fine Arts.

The company sells a number of the comedian’s plays on its website.

Billy Connolly doesn’t want fans to feel sorry for him about Parkinson’s

Last year, Billy insisted that the last thing he wants is fans who will pity him.

“I don’t want to be a comedian that you feel sorry for,” said the performer The times.

“There’s an American boy who says, ‘Shaking is the new cool. ‘He’s got it on a shirt. And bless him, but I don’t wanna do it.

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“I don’t think I’ve got that long,” added the star.

GQ Men of the Year Awards, Tate Modern, London, UK
Billy Says He’s Not Afraid of Death (Credit: SplashNews)

“Talking about Parkinson’s is depressing. It’s just a fact of life, it’s within me and I deal with it. “

Billy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2013.

People usually live between 10 and 20 years after being diagnosed with the debilitating disorder.

Earlier this week, the star received its second coronavirus sting. Pamela tweeted about it, shared a picture and wrote: “Billy just had his second COVID-19 vaccination! We waited our turn and got them at our local Publix supermarket.

“So relieved that he now has some protection! He said: ‘Wee jab – no effort!’ “

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