Star barely escapes being ‘trampled’ at Wembley

Kate Ferdinand revealed on Instagram that she and her family were almost trampled on during the last Euro 2020 carnage at Wembley.

The 30-year-old former reality star used social media to document the frightening incident.

Kate and her family safe at Wembley Stadium (Credit: Instagram)

What did Kate Ferdinand share on Instagram?

Kate shared a picture on the social media site that showed stepson Lorenz and her father in the stands.

She said: “Last night I was lucky enough to go to Wembley with Lorenz and my father.

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“I’ve wanted to see a soccer game with the boys for so long, it was worth the wait.

“We kept ourselves safe and had so much fun.”

However, the next video clip showed Kate and her family in a much more dangerous position.

Kate Ferdinand Instagram
Kate described the moment she and her family were almost trampled on (Credit: Instagram)

What happened to Kate before the game?

The occasion – England’s first grand final since 1966 – turned bitter when groups of uncard-less fans stormed the barricades and huddled into the stadium.

This caused chaos and violent scenes as stewards tried to keep the unruly crowd at bay.

Kate showed her and her family walking down Wembley Way before the game, revealing that they had just missed out on the mayhem and carnage.

“While we were having fun, we barely missed hundreds of people storming the gates and trying to get through the turnstiles and get in people’s way,” she said.

Kate Ferdinand Instagram
Kate declined her voice to condemn racial abuse (Credit: Instagram)

What did Kate say about the racist abuse?

Kate also commented on the heinous online abuse that some of the English team attracted after losing the game.

Racist trolls berated Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka after they all missed the dreaded penalty shootout.

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Joining widespread society condemnation, Kate said, “I don’t even know where to start, but I just can’t get this situation out of my head.

“The same fans cheering everyone on are racist the minute we lose.

“It’s just disgusting. Proud of the English team, but not proud of being English at the moment. “

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