Star breaks silence after allegations


In the latest John Barrowman news, he broke his silence on allegations of “inappropriate behavior”.

The Dancing On Ice juror reportedly exposed himself on the set of the Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood.

And now the 54-year-old star has thanked her on Instagram to thank fans for their support.

What is the latest news from John Barrowman and how did he break his silence?

John shared a video with fans from his Palm Springs, California home.

He said in the post: “A big thank you to everyone who has made an effort to support us over the past few weeks. Jb. “

And in the video he said: “Hello everyone, it’s John and I would like to thank my entire fan family and everyone who has contacted the countless messages of support over the past few weeks.

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“It meant so much to me and touched me very much to know that people support me and stand by me and send me their love and all their appreciation and kind words.

“Hopefully we’ll all be back together soon and I’m looking forward to it.

“Lots of love and thanks.”

ITV bosses don’t know if John will return to Dancing On Ice (Photo credit:

How did the fans react to the video?

While watching the video, many fans got in touch to offer their further support.

A number of celebrity friends got in touch first.

Keith Lemon said, “Greetings, John! I am sending you magical powers. “

Corries Lisa George also sent a message: “I am sending you all my love and kisses.”

The way you are treated is just wrong. Thanks for this message.

And his colleague Ashley Banjo, a judge at Dancing On Ice, sent a fist pump emoji in support.

Another fan wrote, “I love you, John. Always got my support. “

Finally, one of John’s followers commented, “The way you are being treated is just wrong. Thanks for this message. “

On the latest John Barrowman news, he broke his silence following allegations
John’s agent broached the rumors (Photo Credit: Brett D. Cove /

How did John’s agent react to Dancing On Ice reports?

Following the allegations, reports speculated that ITV’s John would be fired from his job at Dancing On Ice.

However, his agent described these allegations as “factually incorrect”.

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He then said to ED !: “As ITV has confirmed, no decision has been made.

“Dancing on Ice engagements are not covered until much later in the year.”

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