Star broke the rules but is not penalized

Naga Munchetty will not be punished for her part in the Union’s flag line, the BBC has confirmed.

The BBC Breakfast host came under fire earlier this year after complaining about her interview with MP Robert Jenrick.

Alongside Charlie Stayt, the couple commented on the meaning of the flag in the background of his picture.

They also referred to his portrait of the queen.

The Union flag row has now been “disbanded” (Credit: BBC)

How many have complained about comments from Naga Munchetty and the Union flag?

Twitter was full of complaints. Others complained to the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit.

It revealed that 16 viewers said it showed an “offensive lack of respect for the monarch and the national flag”.

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In addition, 11 of them complained about Naga’s subsequent social media activity.

She liked a series of tweets about the incident, for which she later apologized.

Naga Munchetty Union flag
Robert Jenrick’s office caused a lot of laughter in the studio (Credit: BBC)

What did the BBC say about Naga Munchetty and the Union flag row?

The BBC released a statement on the incident. And it says it is “not confirmed / resolved”.

It says: “In an interview with Attorney General Robert Jenrick from his office, Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty commented on the meaning of a Union flag and a portrait of the Queen in the background.

“16 spectators complained to the ECU that this showed an offensive lack of respect for the monarch and the national flag.

“11 of them complained about Munchetty’s subsequent social media activity in which she ‘liked’ a number of Twitter comments about the incident, expressing views that she made exceptions to.

16 viewers complained that this showed an offensive lack of respect for the monarch and the national flag.

“The control unit examined the complaints for impartiality in the light of the BBC’s editorial standards for crime against the public and for social media activities.”

Naga Munchetty Union flag
Naga and Charlie giggled as they hosted the segment (Credit: BBC)

So what actually happened on the show?

The statement then explained what happened on the show.

“Mr. Stayt thanked Mr. Jenrick at the end of the interview and referred to the Union flag visible behind him. He said, ‘I think your flag does not match standard size government interview measurements. I think it’s just a little bit small. ‘

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“From the laughter that could be heard in the studio, it was clear that the remark was meant to be humorous, and from Mr. Jenrick’s smile, that it was received that way.

“The brief exchange between the moderators after the interview, in which Ms. Munchetty drew attention to the portrait of the Queen in Mr. Jenrick’s office, was jokingly continued.

“In the view of the ECU, the aim of humor was to spread patriotic symbols as a backdrop for ministerial interviews, not what those symbols represent, and any insult by the audience resulted from a misunderstanding of the moderators’ intentions.

“It has therefore not confirmed these complaints,” it added.

So what about Naga’s Twitter activity?

The declaration also addressed this. And we doubt the answer will please those who complained.

It states: “In relation to Ms. Munchetty’s subsequent social media activity on her Twitter account, the ECU noted that she had liked a number of tweets depicting the government’s use of patriotic symbols (one of which was used strong language) demeaned.

“This risked the impression of supporting an opinion line in a controversial area and violated the BBC’s standards of impartiality.”

It added that the rules apply to “social media activities” by BBC staff who are “journalistically and factually programmed (and potentially offensive)”.

“However, Ms. Munchetty had removed the likes before complaints about the matter reached the ECU and posted an apology on Twitter clarifying that the tweets in question did not represent her own views or those of the BBC.

“In the opinion of the ECU, this was sufficient to resolve the problem of the complaint.”

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