Star cast of the film Sumeru sponsored the film at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering

The star cast of the upcoming Hindi film Sumeru had advertised their film in the country’s renowned Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. On this occasion, in addition to the director and leading actor of the film Avinash Dhyani, the leading actors Sanskriti Bhatt, Ravinder Bhatt, Madhavendra Rawat, Arvind Pawar, Dhananjay Dhyani, Suruchi Saklani, Megha Dhyani, Alok Pawar and Sachin Bisht were present. Filmed in the beautiful locations of Uttrakhand, the relationship between a father and his son in the film “Sumeru” is well established.

At the second poster start of the film, the director of the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Colonel Amit Bisht, (Army Medal, Everest) had published the second poster of the film. The film “Sumeru” is a very emotional romantic love story. Produced under the banner of Padma Siddhi Films, writer-director Avinash Dhyani and Sanskriti Bhatt star. Other notable actors include Shagufta Ali, Suruchi Saklani, Abhishek Maindola, Prashil Rawat, Satish Sharma, Jeet Maila Gurung, Arvind Pawar, and Madhavendra Singh Rawat. The film is produced by Ravinder Bhatt and Avinash Dhyani.

Col Amit Bisht, Avinash Dhyani & Sanskriti Bhatt

In search of his lost father, Haryanvi boy Bhanwar Pratap Singh leaves everything behind and embarks on an unknown journey into the plains of Uttrakhand. Meanwhile, Bhanwar meets Pratap Savi, who has come to the beautiful city of Harshil in Uttrakhand for her wedding. In the story, Savi now accompanies Bhanwar Pratap on an unintended and difficult search for his father. On this journey, Bhanwar Pratap Singh and Savi fall in love.

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The film was shot in beautiful locations in Uttrakhand such as Dehradun, Harshil, Mussoorie and Dhanaulti. After the weakening of the second wave of the corona pandemic, the cinemas have now reopened, the film Sumeru will hit cinemas across the country on October 1, 2021. Director and starring Avinash Dhyani said, “Promotion of the film Sumeru at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering is a moment of pride and honor for all of us. From this institute, climbers from all over the world have fulfilled their dream of setting great records. In addition to the beauty of Uttrakhand, our film also tells of the adventures of mountaineers.

Due to the coronavirus, movie theaters in many other cities including Maharashtra have not started yet, most of the movies are released on OTT, so big filmmakers and studios don’t want to take the release risk in the movie theaters but an independent filmmaker Avinash Dhyani is confident about the release of the Films. He said, “Sumeru is one such movie, the size of which you will only see on the big screen, now the effects of the pandemic have subsided. Filmmakers should come forward to save the publishing, single screen, and movie theater business. We are sure that Sumeru will be loved by the audience.

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