Star Howard Donald admits he doesn’t like her songs

Take That star Howard Donald has admitted that he doesn’t like hearing the band’s hit catalog.

The 52-year-old singer-songwriter quipped that the group’s songs “are all [bleep]As he insisted, his own taste in music is elsewhere.

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What did Take That star Howard Donald say?

During a chat on the “Events That Made Me” podcast, he was asked what his favorite Take That song was.

He replied, “I don’t like any of them, they all are [bleep]. ”

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Howard, who plays drums and piano and also DJs, says he prefers electronic music.

He revealed, “I generally listen to a lot of electronic music, I can really hear everything, I listen to a lot of dance music.

“Right now I have 15 boxes of vinyl downstairs, all dance music from the late 80s and 90s, I’m browsing them right now. Beck, Chemical Brothers, Kraftwerk, early influences … Yellow Magic Orchestra, John Fox, Human League, Gary Numan. “

Howard appears in the band alongside Gary Barlow and Mark Owen, current members of the group that previously included Robbie Williams and Jason Orange.

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Praise for Take These are live shows

Although Howard offered his honest take on the songs, he praised Take That’s incredible live shows.

He explained, “We always said we want people to get out of these arenas and say, ‘Wow, it was an amazing show. I got my money’s worth.

I don’t like any of them, they all are [bleep].

“In terms of production, you could spend anywhere between £ 10 million and £ 15 million to produce a show like this. Then of course you have to do enough shows to get your money back or you would be doing it for free. And at the end of the day, we’re a business. “

Howard said the band never saw men at their shows and the crowd was mostly women.

Suppose that’s three current members (Credit:

Over the years, “the girlfriends would bring the boys with them”. And “the boys would have their arms in the air”.

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He went on to say that for the past few years the band has been singing in arenas where the “boxes” have been [were] fully booked with hirsch, sing along ”.

Howard added, “You know Take That’s going to perform. Whether you like the music or not. “

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