Star in the middle of the Twitter storm

Rochelle Humes found herself at the center of a Twitter storm because of a new documentary.

The excitement started after Rochelle announced a new documentary project she was working on.

Rochelle’s documentary focuses on the alarming death rate of black women during childbirth.

But after writer Candice Brathwaite took her news to the public, she claimed she should host it.

Rochelle Humes and Candice Brathwaite Twitter Storm: What Did Candice Say?

Candice, who campaigns for black mothers and their challenges, wrote on Instagram: “The truth is until six weeks ago when I thought I was going to present this documentary.

“I was contacted in March 2020. It was an ongoing discussion for the last 9 months of the year.

“I’m not sure what happened. But it shouldn’t be.

“While it will always be something I’m passionate about, I have to put my ego aside because it’s not just me trying to highlight the troubling dates when it comes to black women who die in childbirth.

“It’s group work. It has always been like this. “

Candice added, “As gutted as I was, the message remains the same and it is such a serious problem that we should hold on to whoever is telling the story.

“Why is this happening and what can we do to fix it? Hopefully, documentaries, books, and most importantly, LISTENING TO BLACK WOMEN will help remedy this. “

What did Rochelle Humes say about the documentary?

Rochelle, 31, visited Instagram on Saturday (February 6, 2021) to post her documentary news.

The mother of two shared some pictures from the set and said, “Hey guys … I’m doing an investigative documentary and looking behind the shocking statistic that in the UK black women die during pregnancy, childbirth and shortly thereafter – at a rate greater than four times that of white women.

Rochelle has turned off her comments on Instagram (Credit:

“I want to find out why this is so, and while investigating what was going on, I met some incredibly brave women.

“This is a very difficult and sensitive issue, but I think in order to change something it is really important to give a voice to families who have lost loved ones in this kind of way.

“I hope this film will bring about tangible changes and solid commitments to bring those prices down. This is my goal xx. “

What did fans say on Twitter?

After Rochelle’s documentary announcement and Candice’s claim, fans were put on a spin.

One wrote on Twitter: “Candice spent 10 months in the convo with a team on the documentary.

“She has spent part of her life fighting to ensure that black motherhood is publicly discussed. Rochelle Humes didn’t grind all of that. “

I’m sure Rochelle Humes is nice but i wish she had refused this

Another tweeted: “Yeah, that’s disappointing.

“So Candice Brathwaite has been actively working on this documentary since last year and has been replaced out of nowhere.

“I’m sure Rochelle Humes is nice but i wish she had refused. “

A third even tweeted directly with Rochelle and said: “@ RochelleHumes Hello hello, do you want to explain that ??? ”

Rochelle Humes and Candice Brathwaite at the center of the documentary Twitter storm
Candice said she would “put her ego aside” (Credit: ITV)

Rochelle has not posted on Twitter and has now disabled the comments on her Instagram account.

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