Star “pulls into relationships that offer a quick fix”

Sadly, the news that Katie Price was going into rehab after an alcohol-consuming car accident came as a surprise to few.

The model and mother of five have had a ton of problems and trauma in recent years – many of which have been played out in public.

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily, Liz Ritchie, an inclusive psychotherapist at St Andrew’s Healthcare, said she believed Katie was struggling with her identity.

And, Liz claimed, this leads to “risky behaviors” and a propensity for relationships that provide a “quick fix” to lasting love and support.

Katie Price is currently in rehab (Image credit: Splash News)

Katie Price News: Model uses Jordan Persona as a mask

Liz said Katie “naturally” used her Jordan alter ego as a mask.

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However, she added, “But it’s not a very good cover anymore because I think she doesn’t believe it herself.

“It’s a mask that she has been wearing for many years, but the mask is very thin and is almost so eroded that she no longer knows who it is – it has no identity.”

Katie price news
Katie’s Jordan “mask” is no longer a “good cover” (Image credit: Splash News)

Katie’s quest for validation leads to “risky behaviors”

Liz explained, “And what she’s doing is engaging in these risky behaviors. She enters into relationships where she wants some kind of confirmation – at all costs, really.

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“It’s the people she’s drawn to who give you this quick fix, but usually for no reason on the part of others, who interfere in their lives.

“They feed on the falsehood of it all, they wear the mask and they have a certain personality. Of course they profess differently, ”she said.

“They say, ‘Oh Katie’s a real person,’ and of course she’s a very sincere person, but neither does she have any real understanding of who she is or what she is doing,” Liz concluded.

Katie price news
The model gets professional help fighting her demons (Image credit: Splash News)

What happens to Katie in rehab?

Liz also lifted the lid on the treatment Katie will receive in rehab for the next four weeks.

She said she would have “one-on-one” therapy and group sessions.

She added that you could also focus on coming to terms with past trauma, like being raped as a child and her mother’s terminal illness.

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