Star says goodbye to fans amid health problems

A new documentary from Tina Turner explores the singer’s legendary hits and turbulent personal life.

At 81, Tina says in the trailer that she “led an abusive life” but that at some point “forgiveness takes over”.

The full-length documentary will air on Sky later this month and is simply called Tina.

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In the documentary, Tina says, “It wasn’t a good life. The good has not made up for the bad.

“I’ve had an abusive life, there is no other way to tell the story. It is a reality. It is a truth. You have, so you have to accept it. “

Tina with her husband and Oprah Winfrey (Image credit: SplashNews)

She continues: “Some people say that the life I have lived and the achievements I have given, the appreciation, are exploding with people. And yes, I should be proud of that. I am.

“But when do you stop being proud? I mean when do you take a slow bow? Just go away? “

Later in the film we are introduced to her second husband Erwin Bach.

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She was married in 2013 and says he helped her experience true happiness.

The couple live together in Switzerland but are returning to America to open their musical.

Premiere of 'TINA - Das Tina Turner Musical' in Hamburg
Tina Turner and Kristina Love (Image credit: SplashNews)

He tells the cameras that he sees her trip to the Broadway premiere of The Tina Turner Musical as a farewell to her fans.

He says, “She said,” I’m going to America to say goodbye to my American fans and I’m going to wrap it up. “

“And I think this documentary and the play, that’s it – it’s a graduation.”

What happened to Tina Turner?

Tina was married to Ike Turner in 1962, they were a very successful musical duo.

However, Ike was emotionally and physically abusive towards Tina.

She says she still suffers from PTSD due to its abuse to this day.

They divorced in 1978 and in her new documentary, Tina describes how it took her many years to achieve success as a solo artist.

Tina and Erwin at the premiere of the Tina Tina musical (Image Credit: SplashNews)

But she actually became one of the most successful artists of all time – and had her first mega solo hit with What’s Love Got To Do With It in 1984.

To date Tina has sold over 100 million records.

In the UK, she is the first female artist to have achieved a top 40 hit in seven consecutive decades.

What’s wrong with Tina Turner?

Tina not only suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, she has also been plagued by physical health problems for years.

In 2013 Tina suffered a stroke and had to learn to walk again.

And in 2016 she was diagnosed with kidney failure and colon cancer.

She underwent a kidney transplant, with the kidney being donated by her husband Erwin.

She also had part of her bowel removed.

Tina is the mother of four children. Her son Craig committed suicide in 2018 at the age of 59.

They all share the same father, Ike, who died in 2007 at the age of 76.

When will Tina Turner’s documentary be released?

The documentary will air on March 28th.

It will be available on Now TV, Sky Documentaries and

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