Star shares with fans about the hairstyle of toddler son Oscar

Gordon Ramsay has five children and recently shared fans after filming his youngest Oscar to play at home.

The TV chef posted the clip of Oscar walking around with a motorized toy snake on social media.

But many of the followers of the 54-year-old Gordon discussed his son’s hairstyle.

In the footage, Gordon’s son Oscar tied his beautiful blonde locks half up and half down.

The one-year-old’s curls move up and down as he chases after his plastic snake.

However, one fan wrote on Instagram: “Come on Gordon, the boy needs a nice back and sides. Looks like @davidbeckham in the 90s! “

Another added, “Somebody cut the poor boy’s hair.”

Gordon has been married to wife Tana since 1996 (Photo credit:

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Another added, “Somebody needs a haircut.”

But one fan raved: “Oskar’s hair is so cool!”

Another added, “I love his hair, so cute!”

A third even said to Gordon: “He looks like a Disney prince!”

How many children does Gordon Ramsay have?

Gordon has five children with his wife Tana, whom he married in 1996.

In addition to Oscar, the two parents of Megan (23), the twins Holly and Jack (21) and Matilda (19).

The family is based in London but owns three properties in Cornwall that they enjoy vacationing.

Gordon Ramsay shared the opinion with his son's hair
Gordon pledged to be a more practical father after Oscar was born in 2019 (Photo credit:

After Oscar was born in 2019, Gordon vowed to be a more practical father.

He told that Oh La La Podcast with Fred Siriex that he was often busy when his oldest four children were young.

As a result, he said he was determined to have more time on his hectic Little Oscar schedule.

Gordon said, “I am confident that I will spend more time with Oscar. I look forward to having more to touch. “

Why did Gordon’s new show get mixed reviews?

Meanwhile, Gordon recently stepped out of the kitchen to host a new game show for BBC One.

At Bank Balance, participants work in pairs as they are assigned different tasks and asked quiz-style questions.

However, the show hasn’t had the best audience reaction since it launched last month.

gordon ramsay bank balance bbc
Gordon Ramsay Unveils New Bank Balance Game Show (Credit: BBC)

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After the first episode aired, some people claimed they would not tune in again after attendees failed miserably.

This weekend viewers continued to argue that the game show was “too hard to win”.

To date, there have been six episodes since launching two weeks ago, but no one has won a show yet.

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