Star sleeps under a duvet on which Azaylia’s face is emblazoned

Ashley Cain has revealed that he printed his little daughter Azaylia’s face on his duvet cover.

Ashley shares a picture with his Instagram Stories and can now see his daughter’s face before going to bed at night and when he wakes up in the morning.

Ashley and her partner Safiyya Vorajee were heartbroken when Azaylia was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia at just eight weeks old.

She died in April when she was just eight months old.

Ashley Cain is determined to keep Baby Azaylia’s memory alive (Image credit: Instagram)

What did Ashley Cain say about Baby Azaylia?

In his stories, Ashley announced that he has been making the bed every day “since Azaylia went to heaven”.

Then he revealed why.

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“I was never someone to make the bed, I always left it messy,” he said.

“This morning Saf told me that she was talking to someone and that since Azaylia went to Heaven, I’ve made the bed every day.

“That’s why …” he said.

Ashley Cain Baby: Star has a blanket off Azaylia's face
Azaylia’s face adorns Ashley’s duvet cover (Credit: Instagram)

“Azaylia can look at the sky all day”

Ashley then revealed the duvet cover, which had a picture of his daughter’s face printed on it.

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He explained, “We have a south-facing garden with light shining through the bedroom window.

“So I make the bed and open the blinds so that Azaylia can look at the beautiful sky all day.”

Ashley Cain Baby: Star has a blanket off Azaylia's face
Ashley said “everything changed” when Azaylia stepped into his life (Image Credit: Splash News)

What happened at Baby Azaylia’s funeral?

Hundreds of people lined the streets as Ashley and Safiyya laid their baby to rest.

At the funeral, Ashley paid tribute to his daughter and credited her with saving his life.

He said, “From the second she came into my life, everything changed.

“She changed my life, she saved my life and she created my life.”

He also said, “Beautiful, strong, brave and so inspiring. I don’t think a single person in this room can say that they are too wise, too educated or too experienced to have learned anything from my little Leo. “

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