Star strikes as viewers question his reflexes

Chase star Paul Sinha admitted he had “thrashing” last night when he attacked his “naysayers” on social media.

After the episode of the ITV quiz show on Tuesday (February 23), Paul suffered a loss to a team of two and went to Twitter to explain what had happened.

Chase star Paul Sinha suffered a huge loss last night (Credit: ITV)

What did The Chase star Paul Sinha say?

On Twitter, the Sinnerman said, “Beat up by a really good team, deserved winners. I got 16 q right, they got 15. Just in case you think the rules are loaded for us.

“#Thechase And anyone who thinks I’m in decline is facing a difficult year.”

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In another tweet, Paul – who has Parkinson’s disease – said that every time he experiences a loss, his “naysayers” comment on his reflexes.

But he argued that despite his illness, his questioning reflexes are sharpest.

He wrote: “I know that every time I lose, the naysayers gossip about reflexes. Every aspect of my quiz reflexes has never been sharper.

“Beat the Chasers was recorded after today’s episode. Sometimes you don’t have a bad day or a bad minute. “

On Twitter, Paul’s loss shocked a number of viewers, some claiming he should have done better as his questions were “easy”. Others thought it was one of the worst chaser shows ever.

One question he asked incorrectly was, “Danren Enterprises was the original name of which Irish airline?” He said Aer Lingus, but the correct answer was Ryan Air.

This is the worst chaser performance I’ve ever seen! Easy win for the boys.

Another was, “Which group had an ’80s hit with Lay All Your Love On Me?”

Paul said Thompson Twins, but it was ABBA.

Some viewers had questioned Paul’s reflexes by claiming he was “slow,” while others mentioned the star’s Parkinson’s disease while discussing his performance.

Others who commented on the latest chase found the questions simple and called Paul’s performance “disappointing.”

One viewer tweeted: “They were such simple questions, and Paul failed! #The hunt.”

Another wrote: “Disappointing from the Sinnerman #TheChase.”

The Sinnerman took to Twitter after the episode aired (Credit: ITV)

Viewers say Paul had a nightmare game

A third wrote: “Chaser had a mare #thechase.”

A fourth said, “Chasers are collapsing! I just couldn’t get started. “

“The #Sinnerman had a nightmare game,” said a fifth.

Someone else said, “Wow, that’s the worst chaser I’ve ever seen! Easy win for the boys … well done and bad luck Sinnerman! #The hunt.”

“Crikey, Paul missed some easy ones there! #TheChase, ”wrote another.

What happened at The Chase?

In the final chase, Paul ran into just two members of host Bradley Walsh’s team.

Jordan and Pablo played for a prize pot of £ 14,000 and took home £ 7,000 each.

They had set up 17 steps to hit, but with all of Paul’s mistakes giving them setbacks, he still had a whopping seven steps to go when the timer ran out.

Contestants Jordan and Pablo went home for £ 7k each (Credit: ITV)

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After the episode aired, Jordan thanked Paul on Twitter for his gentleman.

He tweeted the Sinnerman: “What a gent you are Paul, thanks for a great day and a great game.”

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