Star’s mother shares fears of losing a “sick” daughter

In the latest news from Katie Price, the star’s mother, Amy, posted an emotional message while seeking help in rehab.

The 43-year-old former glamor model recently pleaded guilty to three charges in court before entering The Priory rehab facility.

Now Amy has pleaded with the press and the public to give her daughter “space”.

Katie Price’s mom posted an emotional message about her daughter (Image Credit: ITV)

Katie Price News: Amy Talks About Her Daughter

Amy titled the heartfelt message “my daughter Kate”.

She wrote: “As Kate’s mother, I am raising my concerns because I don’t know how to differently address the issues that have arisen on social media and in the press.

“I know better than most that Kate has had a career of dealing with and benefiting from the press.

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“I’m not trying to portray her as the bad guys and Kate as the victim.”

Amy continued, “I just ask the press to understand that their actions can have consequences that I don’t want them to claim were unpredictable.

“My daughter behaved horribly when she got drunk behind the wheel of a car.

“She could have killed herself or someone else’s child. I’m not hiding from it and neither is Kate. “

Katie’s mother went on to explain that her daughter was doing very badly.

In addition, she begged the public to give her “some space and privacy”.

My daughter behaved horribly

Amy continued, “Since our appeal as a family, there have been over 35 articles from various sources and interviews from ex-partners / husbands, all with one point of view.

“A lot of these articles are completely made up (claims that Kate, for example, has not had contact with Harvey or is moving in with me).

“I understand what Kate did will be covered shortly. But just inventing stories to sell newspapers? “

Katie Price Prison
Katie is currently in rehab after her crash (Credit: YouTube)

Katie is “mentally ill”

Amy also reminded the press that “actions have consequences” before dealing with mental health.

Then she talked about Katie’s own struggles.

“My daughter is mentally ill,” Amy continued. “We have no idea what the future holds, but we know that Kate’s children will read and see every article written.

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“The abuse I see on social media says so much for the society we live in. It has become a sad place.”

At the end of the article she wrote: “Please give us time, give my daughter space, not because she deserves it …

“… but because I ask as a very sick and poor mother who is afraid that she will lose her daughter.”

On Tuesday (September 28), Katie was arrested and hospitalized after a car accident.

The police confirmed at the time: “A woman was arrested on suspicion of driving over the legal limit for alcohol and drugs.”

The next day, the star pleaded guilty to being drunk and driving while disqualified and driven to court without insurance.

Katie’s sentencing will come in December.

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