Steph Corbett and Marcus Thurwell Link you haven’t seen?

The Line of Duty finale is just around the corner and the fan theories are coming tight and fast, including one about Marcus Thurwell and Steph Corbett.

One theory revolves around a bent copper that appeared to die at the end of episode six and the widow of a covert copper.

Yes, fans believe there is a connection between Marcus Thurwell and Steph Corbett.

Mother of God!

Does Steph Corbett know Marcus Thurwell on duty? (Image credit: BBC)

What happened to Steph Corbett before the Line of Duty finale?

Fans believe Steph Corbett has a role to play in the finale, which will air on Sunday night.

Steph cultivated a close friendship with DI Steve Arnott and even a touch of romance throughout this series.

However, she is also the recipient of the seedy £ 50,000 CS that Ted Hastings gave her at the end of the fifth series.

Steve, knowing the money is seedy, is in a difficult place.

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Has he switched his boss on and cut ties with Steph, or is he doing something else?

Whatever he decides, fans now believe Steph will play a role in the end.

So much so, they think she might be the person hosting the infamous Marcus Thurwell, even though viewers saw him “dead” by the end of episode five.

What are the fan theories?

Since many viewers thought Thurwell staged his own death, they took to Twitter to share their theories about where he might be.

“So this is my final #LineofDuty theory.

“Marcus Thurwell lives and lives with Steph Corbett in the UK (why does she always go outside to make calls ?!).

I assume that Marcus Thurwell lives with Steph Corbett. The bodies in Spain were out of the freezer.

“In the meantime I think Andrea Wise is H and the fourth (where) man. Ted realizes too late and dies to protect Steve and Kate. “

Another wrote: “I assume that Marcus Thurwell lives with Steph Corbett. The bodies in Spain were out of the freezer. “

A third commented: “Steph Corbett has the full package of sports channels on her new TV.

“Steve commented on it. She has a husband there and I don’t mean Steve. “

Steve Arnott
Martin plays Steve Arnott in Line of Duty (Image credit: BBC)

What did Martin Compston say about the final?

The man who plays Steve Arnott – actor Martin Compston – teased that fans would answer some key questions in the finale.

Speaking to the BBC’s Shrine of Duty podcast, he said, “I’ll tell you I think there will be a lot of payouts this Sunday.

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“There are a lot of great answers and it’s deserved, people have stayed with us a long time, so there comes a point where the story arc comes to an end.”

The Line of Duty series finale will take place on Sunday May 2nd at 9 p.m. on BBC One

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