Steph McGovern on her struggles with IBS

Shop Well for Less star Steph McGovern once revealed that a state of health led people to believe she was pregnant.

The star, who appears on a recurring episode of the BBC show tonight (September 30), had previously spoken about battling IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

The star of Steph’s Packed Lunch, 39, had explained how filming Easy Ways to Live Well had helped her overhaul her diet.

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Steph McGovern’s Health

Speaking at the BBC Breakfast last year, Steph said, “I have shady guts and on the show they analyze me and I find that I am in the worst 20 percent in the nation for my gut health.

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“Even if I don’t eat much, when I eat – I don’t eat well. I regularly eat chips for breakfast. “

Then she added, “I get confused with being pregnant quite often. I am just fat! I only have one stomach! “

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Steph revealed how the series taught her to think about her diet: “I learned about fermented products like kombucha, which have all of these live bacteria that improve the live bacteria in your gut.

“It was great leading up to pregnancy to get well because that helped me through pregnancy and it made a big difference.”

IBS is a common condition that affects the digestive system.

Steph recently opened up to life with the disease and said she managed to “calm down” her irritable bowel syndrome.

Good for less shopping star Steph McGovern
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In an Instagram post, the star stated, “Health update … so I said I’d tell you what I did to calm my IBS + lose some weight.

“The most important things – I only eat within a time frame of 8 hours every weekday.

“So if I eat first at 11 am, the last is before 7 pm. This is the key to giving my digestive system time to do its job. “

She added, “I think this was the biggest thing for my IBS. It also massively reduced my snacking.

“I felt starved in the morning, but now I’ve got used to it. Also, on the weekends I go back to the “normal” … wine / snacks / fast food! “

Steph also explained how she eats fermented food and has “incorporated” it into food.

She added, “I try to add it to every meal I can now. I even have a jar of it in the fridge at work.

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“Also kefir and kombucha. I drink that. They come in many forms, check out the grocery store for them.

“They’re full of probiotics, which are great for gut health.”

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