Stephen Graham and Sean Bean together in Accused

Stephen Graham and Sean Bean currently star in Jimmy McGovern’s Time on BBC One, but it’s not the first time the two have worked together.

Sean Bean and Stephen Graham together in Time on BBC One (Image: BBC)

The renowned actors starred in Jimmy McGovern’s Critically Acclaimed Defendants in 2012.

And Sean in particular received praise for portraying the dejected transvestite Tracie.

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Sean Bean’s defendant Simon had an alter ego Tracie (Image: BBC One)

Stephen Graham and Sean Bean in the defendant

In Tracie’s story (season 2, episode one) of Accused, Sean Bean’s English teacher character Simon finds himself in a dangerous love triangle as his transvestite alter ego.

Tracie falls in love with Stephen Graham’s character Tony after they get into a taxi together after an argument with a bigoted drunk.

Tony in turn develops feelings for Tracie, albeit hesitantly at first – but forgets to mention that he is actually married.

Despite all adversity, Tony comes to his wife and the men move away for a new life together.

But then Tony makes a confession that extends Simon’s loyalty and brings him to the dock. And we’ll leave it at that because you should definitely check it out!

Time on BBC One Star Sean Bean as Tracie in Accused
Sean Bean says getting into Tracie’s character wasn’t easy (Credit: BBC One)

Sean Bean plays the transvestite Tracie

Best known for his gruff alpha roles, the Nordic actor admitted that he had some nervousness about taking on the role at the time.

He explained, “I’ve never played this type of role and I never really thought I’d do it. My agent called and said, ‘Have you ever thought of playing a transvestite?’ and I said, ‘Not really, no!’

“It’s a Jimmy McGovern script, that’s exciting. I’ve always liked his things, I’m a great admirer of his work. She sent me the script and I read it and was really impressed with it. It’s a very moving, unusual story.

“So I knew I wanted to do it, but it was a pretty long process to get to the character I wanted to portray. Psychologically it was quite a leap. A big leap. It takes a while to get to that – it wasn’t just… bang, turn it on. You can’t just suddenly transform yourself into such a figure.

“It took me a while to learn how to wear it physically and mentally to get used to it. That was quite a journey. I thought I had it, then I didn’t. On the first day, I just had to jump feet first. As soon as I did that, I knew I had cracked it and felt good. “

Time on BBC One star Stephen Graham in Indicted
Stephen Graham appreciated working with Sean Bean (Image: BBC One)

Stephen Graham on his “love story with Sean Bean”

In an interview when the drama aired on BBC One, Line of Duty star Stephen said, “Being in a love story with Sean Bean isn’t what I ever expected, but the acting doesn’t get any better!

“I’ve always respected and admired Sean’s work. He’s a northerner and a good guy to jump off the cliff with.

You’ll never have the opportunity to dress up, put on high heels and say goodbye again.

“Reading through it, I realized what a huge leap playing a transvestite would be for Sean.

“I wanted Sean to know from the start that I was there for him and I looked deep into his eyes.

“I wanted him to enjoy the experience, have fun – you’ll never have the chance to dress up like that, put on high heels and say goodbye to my buddy again.”

This is how you see Jimmy McGovern’s defendant

If you have Now TV, you should have access to Roku TV – both series can be viewed there at no additional cost.

It’s also available on Amazon Prime Video.

Other episodes in Season 2 feature Anna Maxwell Martin, Sheridan Smith, Anne-Marie Duff and Olivia Colman.

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