Steve Arnott leaving AC-12 as a new preview?

Martin Compston dropped a new BBC Line of Duty spoiler and it seems to mark the end of DI Steve Arnott’s time at AC-12.

In a new clip released ahead of the show’s start on Sunday (March 21), Arnott meets on / off girlfriend Nicola Rogerson, who works for the violent crime division.

In the new Line of Duty teaser clip, Steve seems to be looking for a new job.

So could it mean the end of his time in the anti-corruption department?

Martin Compston released a new Line of Duty preview (Credit: Instagram)

What does Steve say on the BBC Line of Duty Spoiler?

In the clip that Martin posted on Instagram, Steve can be seen meeting Nicola in a cafe.

She says, “So, um, how can I help you, Steve?”

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He replies: “In strict confidence, I have reached the end of the anti-corruption series.”

Nicola replies: “Over time.”

He continues: “There is no disrespect for the gaffer. I made it through it, but I’m bored buddy. I am ready for a new challenge. “

She replies, “Well, we can always use good people.”

He replies: “Cheers, I appreciate it.”

Martin Compston roster
Could Steve join Nicola in a serious violent crime? (Image credit: Instagram)

“Could AC-12 lose one of our own?”

The clip was also released to the BBC Line of Duty official Twitter account.

I hope Steve is just working undercover. He cannot leave AC-12.

The entry was titled: “Could AC-12 lose one of our own ?! Come on son, AC-12 is the best, the very best! “

How did the fans react?

Fans replied to the clip and many admitted that they believed Steve was telling pork and was in fact undercover.

“Must be an undercover job,” said one.

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“He plays her,” said another.

I hope Steve is just working undercover. He can’t leave AC-12, ”explained a third.

“It’s a deviation,” explained another.

The new Line of Duty series kicks off on BBC One Sunday (March 21st) at 9 p.m.

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