Max looks upset on Stranger Things season 4

5 reasons why Max is the hero of Stranger Things season 4

5 reasons why Max is the hero of Stranger Things season 4

After binge watching season four, Stranger Things fans can all agree that Max was by far the hero of the show.

Max was able to endure terrifying visions, escape the Upside Down and help her friends investigate the truth about Vecna, all while listening to the iconic Kate Bush on repeat!

Here are 5 reasons why Max is the true hero of Stranger Things season 4.

Max gets possessed by Vecna (Credit: Netflix)

1. Max’s epic showdown against Vecna

Episode four ‘Dear Billy’ includes one of the best scenes Stranger Things fans have ever seen.

In the instalment, the mind-controlling monster Vecna targets our very own Max.

When Max learns that she is experiencing the same symptoms that Vecna’s other victims did, she writes letters to her friends to say her final goodbyes.

She even writes a heart-wrenching letter to her dead brother Billy confessing that she misses him, which she recites at his grave.

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Vecna then takes over Max’s and she finds herself in the Upside Down.

The gang desperately work together to put Max’s headphones on and play her favourite song, as they are convinced it will save her from Vecna’s curse.

In the Upside Down, Max hears her favourite song play and a portal to the real world opens.

However, in the real world she begins to levitate over Billy’s grave, appearing to meet the same horrific fate as Vecna’s other victims.

But as Vecna is about to strangle Max in the alternate dimension, she closes her eyes and the many memories she has with her friends flashe before her.

Max finally breaks free and runs back to her friends.

Max looks upset on Stranger Things season 4
In Stranger Things season 4 Max was tormented and almost murdered by the Upside Down monster Vecna (Credit: Netflix)

2. Max suffered the most in Stranger Things season 4

Season four of Stranger Things takes place a year after Max’s brother Billy sacrificed himself to save her and the gang.

Since then, Max is still carrying the weight of her emotional trauma and she has distanced herself from her friends.

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She’s then targeted by Vecna, who prays on troubled teens and induces them with visions from their tragic past before he brutally murders them.

In Max’s hallucinations we begin to see the extent of Max’s grief and guilt for her brother’s death.

But amongst all of her trauma, she is still able to find the will to fight the demo-monster and help save her friends from the Upside Down.

Max frowning with her headphones on in Stranger Things season 4
Max’s favourite song is Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush (Credit: Netflix)

3. Max has impeccable taste in music

When Max was possessed by Vecna, the gang discovered that music can stop Vecna from tormenting your mind.

But only one song could save Max from her sinister trance…

Her favourite song, Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush.

So thanks to the magical powers of Kate Bush, Max was able to save herself from Vecna’s curse and escape from the Upside Down.

Throughout the rest of the season, Max was seen playing the song on repeat on her walkman.

And we weren’t complaining!

Max stares into the distance on Stranger Things season 4
Fans found Max’s reaction to Steve taking his shirt off hilarious (Credit: Netflix)

4. Max became a meme on Twitter

Max’s reaction to Steve taking his shirt off went viral on Twitter.

In the scene, Steve removes his top as he’s about to dive into the water and find the gate to the Upside Down.

Lucas and Dustin, who were watching him through their binoculars, make a joke about Steve’s chest hair.

Max then steals the binoculars and stares at Steve in silence, while the boys look at her confused.

Fans found this hilarious and the iconic scene blew up on Twitter.

We would have done the same too, Max!

Lucas and Max look confused in Stranger Things season 4
Lucas and Max were adorable in Stranger Things season 4 (Credit: Netflix)

5. Max’s sweet relationship with Lucas carried the show

It’s no doubt that Max and Lucas were the cutest part of Stranger Things season four!

At the start of the season, Max has pulled herself away from her friends and now prefers to be alone.

She is even seen brushing off Lucas’ invitation to his basketball game, while Kate Bush blasts through her headphones.

However, this doesn’t stop Lucas from desperately trying to win Max back.

As the rest of the season plays on, the two never officially get back together but fans are treated to lots of adorable moments between the pair.

Lucas even tells Max that he missed her laugh and admits that he is a Kate Bush fan because she saved Max’s life.

How cute!

Fans couldn’t stop tweeting about Max and Lucas, hoping that the pair will get back together in volume 2.

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