“Suicide or Murder” famous actress Shwetta Parashar plays a prostitute in the Telugu film “Alanti Sitralu”

Actress Shwetta Parashar, who gained immense popularity after the makers of “Suicide or Murder” featured her on social media as the main character “The Troublemaker”, has finished releasing her new Telugu film, “Alanti Sitralu”. It is the story of a prostitute ‘Pallavi’. The film’s teaser has been released and hits the floor the 2nd week of April. “My character Pallavi is a 40 year old prostitute. She has simple desires. Will society allow a prostitute to fall in love? Will she be able to live her dreams? “

“Coming from North India (New Delhi), I didn’t know the Telugu language, nor did I know how different the cultures were until I started preparing for the film. Coming from the theater, I always prefer the more organic language, and that’s what my director wanted. The moment I started studying lines, my heart was broken because I knew I couldn’t pronounce it the way it should be. It was very difficult for me to remember the lines as I didn’t understand the language when I started shooting for this film, but the team were so supportive and encouraging that I can now understand the language better than before. “Says Shwetta Parashar.

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