Summer in danger after the Nina attack?

Coronation Street spoilers for the next week reveal that Seb and Nina are believed to be dead in a brutal attack.

In the next week’s episodes, Nina and Seb search the internet for a suitable necklace that Abi can wear on her wedding day.

Weatherfield’s teenagers are embroiled in a great story (Credit: ITV)

But when Seb makes a lighthearted comment about buying an engagement ring for Nina, Roy is concerned.

Meanwhile, when Asha suggests another night with a boxing set, Corey is unfazed and tells her he’ll be meeting his pals.

Corey meets up with Kelly in Speed ​​Daal, and Nina watches them openly flirt with each other.

Summer and Eli meet up with Kelly and Corey in Speed ​​Daal. Corey and Kelly continue to flirt with each other. But Summer feels uncomfortable and points out that Asha wouldn’t like it.

Nina spots Kelly and Corey flirting (Image credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile, Nina goes to Asha and mentions that she saw Corey flirt with Kelly in Speed ​​Daal.

When Seb suggests to Nina that they did things too quickly and that he should move out, Nina is surprised. She begins to question his feelings for her.

On the day of the bachelorette party, Sally arranged a bistro dinner for the chickens while Kevin’s deer head for Speed ​​Daal.

Seb is happy when his mother asks him to give it away and gives her the necklace.

Coronation Street spoilers: Seb and Nina attacked

At Corey and Asa’s apartment, he tells her he’s going out to meet his buddy Eli. But Eli soon stops in a stolen car.

Asha goes with Corey, Eli, Kelly and Summer (Credit: ITV)

Desperate not to let him down, Asha gets into the car with Kelly and Summer. They’ll soon stop in a wasteland, get the beer out and turn up the music.

But Asha and Summer are horrified to discover that the vehicle has been stolen. When Kelly insults her, Corey goes along with it.

Summers are awkward when they’re awful for Nina (Credit: ITV)

Asha goes home devastated and meets Amy on the way back.

Meanwhile, a loved one Seb and Nina are walking down the canal when they run into the gang.

When a drunk Eli and Corey start to jibe Nina, Summer gets restless and makes his way home.

Kelly beats Nina (Image credit: ITV)

Kelly soon hits Nina in the face after being pissed on by Eli.

When Nina and Seb hurry up, the gang begins to pursue them and the couple face an unprovoked and vicious assault.

Seb and Nina are attacked (Credit: ITV)

Spoiler on Coronation Street: Nina and Seb rushed to the hospital

The deer and chickens continue their celebrations without knowing what happened until the police arrive on the street to spread the devastating news that Seb and Nina have been attacked.

At the hospital, the nurse tells Roy that Nina has suffered several blows to the head and is undergoing an operation.

Roy finds out Nina is going to have surgery (Image credit: ITV)

When a horrified high school graduate absorbs the extent of Seb’s injuries, the doctor assures her that they are doing all they can and they hope he will make a full recovery.

Kelly soon returns home and does her best to hide how scared she is.

When Imran and Toyah realize she is drunk, they tear off a strip and order her to knock down.

Kelly comes home trying to hide her terror (Credit: ITV)

Asha returns home from Amy and already finds Corey there. He lies and realizes that he’s been home for ages and was worried about her.

Aadi calls Asha’s apartment and tells them that someone beat up Seb and Nina and they are now in the hospital.

Asha staggers and Corey pretends to be shocked.

Kevin and Abi cancel their wedding

The doctor tells Abi that they will do some tests on Seb. Worried sick Abi asks Kevin to cancel her wedding.

As Kevin hurries, Abi hears the voice message Seb left her just before he was attacked.

An emotional high school graduation tells Seb how much she loves him and he rolled away for his scan.

Nina soon regains consciousness and tells Roy and Abi that all she can remember is seeing Corey and his friends.

Nina struggles to remember the attack (Credit: ITV)

Abi spots Corey and Asha outside their apartment and storms over.

Corey tells Kelly not to say anything. Upon hearing that Summer is suspicious, Corey warns her to stay silent or Billy will find out she was in a stolen car.

Is your life in danger too?

Asha is shocked by the attack without realizing that Kelly and Corey are involved.

Corey asks Asha for an alibi

Corey tells Abi that he knows nothing about the attack and is just as shocked as she is. But when he turns out, he got on well with Nina, Asha is at a loss.

High school interrogates Corey (Image credit: ITV)

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Corey swears to his girlfriend that he is innocent, but it would be best if she told the police that he was with her all evening.

Police interrogate Nina, and she remembers walking with Seb and encountering Corey and Kelly, but struggling to remember anything about the attack.

Meanwhile, the doctor tells Abi that Seb’s tests were inconclusive, so they will be done again. Abi tries to stay positive, but will Seb be okay?

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