Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick reveals that he is fighting the coronavirus

Supervet star Noel Fitzpatrick has announced that he is fighting the coronavirus.

The Channel 4 star has shared with fans that he has been “exhausted” since contracting the disease.

In a new video, Noel told his followers on Instagram that he had found it very difficult to deal with his symptoms in the past few weeks.

Noel Fitzpatrick was hit by Covid-19 (Credit: Channel 4)

Supervet hit by coronavirus

He said, “Hello everyone, Noel and Excalibur here, just to cuddle. I wanted to thank you for your good wishes.

“Some of you will know that I have had COVID pretty badly for the past few weeks.

“It’s an awful dose and it leaves you very exhausted.”

Fortunately, Noel manages to defeat the disease.

But it hit him so hard that he wanted to remind everyone how serious it can be.

He continued, “I think I was going to say we are not done with this thing and you need to take care of each other.

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“You have to follow the rules, wear your masks and social distancing, and most importantly, get your vaccine when you can.”

Noel went on to say that his bond with his pets at home helped him get through.

He continued, “Because this is a dire disease and it really does eliminate it [of you] and I cannot emphasize enough that one still has to be careful.

“If you can, cuddle your animals. That always makes things better, but watch out for each other.

“We’re not done until we’re done. So do the right thing, take care of one another and thank you for taking care of me. God bless.”

The beloved TV vet then added, “Be careful out there and take care of each other x”.

Noel has urged fans to take care of themselves (Credit:

Noel Fitzpatrick pays tribute to his dog

In the fall, the Supervet announced that his puppy Kiera had been involved in a terrible accident.

As a result, Noel stated, “She was in critical condition and the fear of losing her was overwhelming. Your outlook remains unknown. “

He signed: “We hope and believe that she will be fine.”

Noel, who never married, previously described Kiera as “the love of his life”.

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