Susanna Reid defends Piers Morgan over “greasy” comments

Susanna Reid has defended her GMB co-host Piers Morgan over comments about her weight.

Today the 50-year-old breakfast TV star responded to Pier’s claim that it was “never heavier”.

Piers and Susanna discussed “Fat-Shaming” with Gabby (Credit: ITV)

What did Piers say about GMB co-host Susanna Reid?

Piers appeared on Gabby Logan’s podcast, The Mid Point, where he talked about his own brush with obesity and how he intends to change his eating habits in order to lose the pounds.

During the interview he said to Gabby: “Susanna and I, we’ve never been heavier.

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“I’m about 16 stone, 6 feet 1 inches tall, and I’m floating on this body mass index (BMI), which is classified as obesity.”

A source in The Sun newspaper accused him of being utterly ashamed.

And now Susanna has fought back.

GMB Susanna Reid
Susann hit back in Piers (Photo credit: ITV)

How did Susanna Piers hit back?

On this morning’s show (Monday January 25), Susanna immediately referred to the comment shortly after the couple went on air.

“Why do I look twice your size this morning, Piers? Is it because I’m overweight? “She asked her co-host.

“Oh no, Susanna. How humble of you, ”Piers replied. “Susanna, of course, plays the humility card.”

Apparently, according to the newspapers, you mentioned my overweight.

“Piers put me to shame over the weekend,” she told the audience. “Apparently, according to the newspapers, you mentioned my overweight.”

She continued, “I look enormous compared to you today. But over the weekend, let me just say, you posted a picture of you with a massive head on your Instagram. “

Susanna Reid hits back on Piers Morgan after seeing her
Is Susanna the ‘perfect’ person? (Photo credit: ITV)

The duo also welcomed Gabby Logan to the program to discuss the comment.

Piers shouted, “I haven’t shamed you fat!” and referred to all times Susanna digged over his weight in the past.

Susanna defended Piers, saying, “To be fair to Piers, he never said I was overweight.”

He also pointed to an article in The Sun newspaper calling Susanna “the perfect woman”.

Eamonn Holmes this morning
Piers attributed Eamonn as his role model (Credit: ITV)

What did Piers say about Eamonn Holmes?

In early January, Piers revealed an unlikely source of weight loss inspiration.

He named ITV colleague Eamonn Holmes the person he wants to emulate.

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Piers called the 61-year-old Eamonn his “fitness role model” after throwing off three stones.

“Eamonn has since fallen from juicing, fasting, walking and Pilates from the 18th to the 15th after making a New Years resolution five years ago to get leaner and healthier,” he wrote in his Daily Mail column.

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