Tanuj Virwani: “The character I play in Tandoor is one that any actor would literally kill for.”

May 5, 2016 is etched into Tanuj Virwani’s memory forever. On that day his film One Night Stand was released and failed at the box office. On the same day he signed the Inside Edge web series that changed the course of his career. The show made him a sensation overnight, and the industry spotted a bankable star on the internet.

“Inside Edge has revitalized this industry for the second time, and I can’t be more grateful. And May 5th, 2016 is definitely a milestone in my life. I just feel like everything is written in advance and this was the perfect time for everything. The series opened doors for me to various eclectic projects and characters. It gave me so much love from the audience. I feel really blessed, ”says the actor, who is now looking forward to the upcoming release of his next web project Tandoor.

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The show is inspired by real events and also by stars Rashami Desai. It is co-produced by Chitra Vakil Sharma, Nivedita Basu and Chandni Soni. Virwani had long been in talks for Tandoor with the show’s director, Nivedita Basu, and around March last year when they were planning to take the next move, the lockdown happened.

“From August to September we picked up on things again. Data at that time became a problem because I was stuck in continuity on another project and it needed me to figure out a certain path. Fortunately for Tandoor and unfortunately for the other project there was a forced break for some reason and I was able to change my appearance as Nivi (that’s what Virwani calls Nivedita) wanted. So I put on a little weight, let my hair and beard grow out, and most of all changed my mindset. The character I play in Tandoor is one that any actor would literally kill for. My character has many levels, so he needed a little more, ”he adds.

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Virwani shares that he had to unlearn a lot and pick up some new things in order to work on the character. It was all the more challenging when he was playing a real character. “The character may not be a downright villain, but he is definitely on the verge of what can be considered a villain, so I definitely had to get into that zone, both physically and mentally. I drank about ten cans of Coca-Cola every day, ate junk, and didn’t exercise to see it. It was pretty risky for me because then I had to shed those extra pounds for my other projects and it took a lot of time. I also had to get a typical Delhi accent … Kudos to Nivi and my hair and make-up girl for presenting me in an avatar I had never seen before, ”reveals the actor.

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Virwani and Basu have known each other for a decade, he was new to the industry at the time, while Basu was an already established name. They bonded and talked about working together, which was finally happening. “We never know what the fate of a particular project will be. These 15 to 20 days that I shot, rehearsed and read on Tandoor are among the most creative days of my career so far. I will always be grateful to Nivi for giving me this role. She’s a great director who lets you be. She listens to everyone, gives them that respect and then she does things in her own way, which is fascinating, ”praises actor Basu

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