Taylor Swift Bangs Ginny and Georgia: 5 Big Netflix Controversies

Taylor Swift has revealed her disapproval for the recently released Netflix drama Ginny & Georgia.

In it, one of the characters mocks Taylor’s love life – much to the annoyance of the country that became a pop star.

Here we take a closer look at why Taylor is so upset about what she said and other highly controversial Netflix shows as well.

Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

Ginny & Georgia is supposed to be a pretty lighthearted dramedy.

However, it will likely be tied to singer Taylor Swift forever now.

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Her star branded the show sexist after making fun of her love life.

In one episode, Ginny snaps at her mother after asking if she broke up with her boyfriend.

Is Ginny and Georgia’s joke offensive? (Image credit: Netflix)

She says, “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift. “

This was enough to piss off Taylor, who tweeted her disgust over the line.

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She tweeted in light of her millions of followers: “Hey Ginny & Georgia, called in 2010 and they want their lazy, deeply sexist joke back. How about we stop humiliating hard working women by defining this horse as FuNnY.

“Likewise, @netflix According to Miss Americana, this outfit doesn’t look cute to you. Happy Women’s History Month I think. “

Within hours of being tweeted, her words were retweeted over 220,000 times.

However, Netflix has yet to answer.

13 reasons why

13 reasons why it was another hugely controversial series.

Despite its popularity, this series has been condemned repeatedly for its explicit depiction of suicide, sexual assault, and school shootings.

In fact, the central character of the first series ends her life in a very vivid way.

At the time, several charities expressed their concerns.

The guard reported that some ChildLine callers were triggered by the show’s dark topics.

However, the show lasted four seasons and continued to deal with somber scenarios.

The crown

the crown 2020
Is the crown taking advantage of the royals? (Image credit: SplashNews)

The Krone has received several awards across the board.

But it still sparked some controversy.

There has been turmoil over its historical accuracy.

Some also believe that it is exploiting the royal family.

In fact, it was only last year that Prince Charles’s friends claimed the series portrayed him unfairly.

A source told the Mail online: “This is drama and entertainment for commercial purposes, regardless of the actual people involved, whose lives are being kidnapped and exploited.

“In this case, it lengthens things that happened in very difficult times 25 or 30 years ago without thinking about other people’s feelings.”

Additionally, the original Queen, played by Claire Foy, turned out to be paid significantly less than her co-star Matt Smith (Prince Philip).

Netflix formally apologized for the discrepancy. And vowed to correct this pay gap in future productions.

House of cards

House of cards Netflix
Who can forget the house of cards? (Image credit: Netflix)

House of Cards was Netflix’s first original drama and received acclaim from critics and viewers alike.

With Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, it seemed like the show couldn’t take a wrong turn.

However, that all changed when sexual assault was leveled against Kevin.

He was quickly advertised as the star of the show, and Robin starred alone in the final series.

Unfortunately, the last season was mostly planned and could not incorporate the evaluations of the previous seasons.


Insatiable was a short-lived comedy series.

It was aired and scrutinized for two seasons to shame fat.

The show revolves around Patty, who was bullied in high school for being overweight.

But when her jaw is closed after an accident, she loses weight and appears as the beauty queen candidate.

Hundreds of shocked viewers took to Twitter to share their dismay.

This included the feminist writer Roxanne Gay.

She tweeted at the time: “Ahhh yes, a fat girl could never stand up for herself while she was fat. And of course she has to be attacked and shut up before she becomes her best self, her skinny self. Good to know!”

However, the series writer, Lauren Gussis, has repeatedly defended her work, saying it was based on her own experiences as a teenager.


Atypical is a popular comedy drama about an all-American family that includes autistic son Sam.

The show has a current 87% approval rating on Netflix and has received praise from several autism organizations.

However, others have argued that it portrays autism negatively and reinforces unwanted stereotypes.

Atypical received a mixed response from the autism community (Credit: Netflix)

For example, autistic actor Mickey Rowe said he thinks the show encourages viewers to laugh at people on the autism spectrum.

When writing for Teen VogueHe argued, “I often wear headphones or earphones.

“Lots of autistic people do it. Because they often also have sensory processing disorders.

“Atypical’s first episode shows an entire scene dedicated to Sam’s headphones in a restaurant, but the audience is conditioned to laugh at him for it.

“How terrible when young autistic people watch this and feel ashamed to do something that will help them think and function in the world.”

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