Tejasswi struggles as her roommates accuse her of being hungry in COLORS ‘BIGG BOSS’!

The ‘BIGG BOSS’ makes the life of the participants more difficult every day. Being locked in this house is going to get on each other’s nerves! Participants often make mistakes and become the only target anyone can shoot; this time Tejasswi dropped the ball. Although Tejasswi makes a fun atmosphere for everyone, her behavior annoys everyone in today’s episode.

Each participant must fulfill the tasks assigned to him. But Tejasswi is only halfway through her job of preparing food. It annoys everyone, and they start struggling with her for not doing her job right. When Pratik tries to shoot them, Tejasswi replies, “Pehle aap apni duty ache se karein, fir dusron pe ungli uathaaye!“Then she points out that she couldn’t do her job right because other roommates weren’t doing their chopping tasks.

Meanwhile, Karan feels depressed and can’t stop thinking about how Teyassvi had scolded him earlier and admitted that she was right. “I’m so bad at it” he says. He tries to reconcile himself with Tejassvi. The slight speed bump in their romance is over and the two are back on their romantic path! Shamita also feels overwhelmed with emotion as she misses her family amid all the fighting in the house. She bursts into tears and longs to be with loved ones!

The participants also have loads of stress-busting moments that put a smile on everyone’s face. In a fun and bizarre task, the men style the hair of the women according to the fashion of the golden era. The participants also have a fun pillow fight and have a lot of fun! They hit each other with pillows and Afsana even sits on Rajiv while Rajiv is screaming for help. They chase each other all over the house and start targeting one person at a time.