Thanks to Iceland, the Christmas dinner will be saved and the turkey shortage prevented

Frozen giant Island has found a way to ensure the looming turkey shortage doesn’t ruin British dinner for Christmas.

With just 85 days to go until Christmas, farmers have warned that we could face a turkey shortage over the Christmas season.

So the clever and powerful in Iceland have come up with a solution.

And it’s fair to say that buyers love it.

Don’t worry, Christmas dinner fans, frozen food giant Iceland may have saved the day (Image credit: Iceland)

Christmas dinner fears turkey shortage

The British are clearly scared after reading headlines that Christmas dinner might no longer be on the menu this year.

As a result, Iceland has announced that it has seen an increase in Christmas demand earlier than expected.

Frozen turkey sales are up 409% year over year, with 17,000 searches for the word Christmas on the Icelandic website this week alone.

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As a result, the chefs have decided to increase their frozen turkey orders by 20% over the holiday season.

And, they said, some shoppers have already started filling themselves with festive foods, starting with the turkey.

Andrew Staniland, Iceland’s Commercial Director, said: “We can confidently tell the nation not to worry and keep shopping frozen.

“Since Christmas 2020 was as good as canceled, this time we have prepared for much larger celebrations.

“We have more of everything ready for buyers much sooner. You can even buy your turkey now if you want. “

Christmas dinner
The search for mince pies began in early July (Credit: Iceland)

Mince pie sales are also booming

After Iceland saw an increase in searches for Christmas and mince pies back in July, Iceland put them on sale on September 1st this year – earlier than any other retailer.

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The chain reported a 10% year-over-year increase in sales, so it’s clear the Christmas appetite is there.

Especially when you look at some of this year’s dessert offerings.

A sneak peek at the newly launched Christmas Dinner page on the Icelandic website reveals a selection of delicious desserts.

We kept an eye on the Yule protocol with milk chocolate.

Christmas dinner
The Chocolate Yule Log looks crazy (Image: Iceland)

‘Supersized’ products for Christmas parties

And, Staniland added, in addition to more choice, some of the festive items are also sold as “oversized” items.

“Iceland will have more quantity and choice, as well as an ‘oversized’ selection of products to accommodate larger gatherings.

“What we didn’t expect was how early our customers would prepare for this year’s celebrations.

“The Iceland team did a fantastic job turning things around and bringing the nation their Christmas favorites much sooner than ever before.”

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