The 7 Big Clues We Missed Out That Ian Buckells Is H.

The Line of Duty Finale revealed who the final “H” or “The Fourth Man” Buckells was.

As fans digest the identity of the bent copper, there have been clues from the start.

So what are they and what nailed Ian Buckells?

Buckells in series one (Credit: BBC)

What were the seven big clues in the Line of Duty finale?

He was there from the start

Viewers will recognize Ian Buckells from the start.

Maybe we decided not to recognize him because he always came across as someone too incompetent to be anything more than a “yes” man.

But just look at his backstory.

In the first series, he was hired by ACC Derek Hilton as SIO of the Jackie Laverty case.

Hilton was of course exposed as one of the four “Hs”.

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At the end of that series, Buckells’ Matthew ‘Dot’ allowed Cottan to speak privately with DS Tommy Hunter.

And we all know what Dot was about.

She reappeared in the fourth series, this time as DCI, and became involved in the Roz Huntley case.

He was called in by AC-12 after he was accused of blowing Kate’s cover in an undercover operation.

Ian Buckells Line of Duty
Buckells in the Christopher Inquiry (Credit: BBC)

His involvement in the investigation of Lawrence Christopher

Buckells was first brought back as a carer when DC Chloe Bishop revealed the identity of the original investigation team behind the botched investigation into the murder of Lawrence Christopher.

Ian Buckells was on this team alongside Ian Osborne and Marcus Thurwell.

This triggered a “Mother of God” in Ted, and suddenly Buckells was in the picture.

But he was just an incompetent guy. Wasn’t he?

The golf clubs

At the start of the sixth series, fans discovered a number of golf clubs in his Hillsgate Police Station.

Golf clubs have a special meaning in the Line of Duty universe.

Viewers will remember that curved copper Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan was nicknamed ‘The Caddy’.

After Cottan died at the end of the third series, fans thought the golf connection had ended.

But when they discovered a number of clubs in the back of Buckell’s office, they put two and two together.

Ian Buckells Line of Duty
He’s always been seedy (Image credit: BBC)

His conduct during Operation Lighthouse

Buckell’s behavior in Operation Lighthouse was insane throughout.

He purposely screwed up the surveillance process for Carl Banks and Terry Boyle.

Buckells also brought in one of his ex-girlfriends, Deborah Devereux, as a shady witness to incriminate Terry Boyle.

(Who can forget the baton moment?)

He didn’t say a word when Lee Banks strangled Jimmy Lakewell in the prison cell, proving that he was at least bent.

But even though there was enough to push him away, everyone thought it was him just bent.

Not “H” or “The Fourth Man”.

Ian Buckells Line of Duty
An Important Evidence (Credit: BBC)

In any case, maybe

That’s what it did for Ian Buckells.

The word “definitely”.

After Ted and the team saw a repetition of the spelling “definitely” in communications between the OCG and Jo Davidson, Hastings ordered a trawl through the archives.

In correspondence between the OCG and Lisa McQueen in 2019, additional spellings of the word “definitely” were revealed.

And then again in Lawerence Christopher’s investigation in 2003 and then from Operation Lighthouse in 2019.

It could only be a man behind it.


Not a Star Wars droid, but a fancy police name for an item of evidence – namely a laptop that was found in his prison cell.

Cyber ​​detected communication from GGM13 to Jo Davidson.

The noose tightened.

Ian Buckells Line of Duty
The ending for Ian Buckells (Image Credit: BBC)

Holte End Holdings

Buckells liked the high life.

One house – 17 Maychurch Road – was registered under the name Holte End Holdings.

The Cayman Islands registered company also owned a timeshare apartment in Gran Canaria.

Guess who owns Holte End Holdings?

(By the way, Holte End is a reference to the Aston Villa football field.)

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A laptop was found under the floorboards at 17 Maychruch Road – HS6.

AC-12 then found correspondence relating to the Eastfield weapons depot raid in series five.

Further forensic analysis revealed that Buckell’s fingerprints and DNA were all over the laptop.

Ian Buckells, ladies and gentlemen, hit the right.

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