The actress plays Jill Baxter, but what else?

Jill Baxter is played by actress Lydia West, but what else did Lydia star in?

And is she related to Thor star Tessa Thompson?

Here is everything you need to know!

Actress Lydia West as Jill Baxter in It’s a Sin (Credit: Channel 4)

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What else did Lydia West appear in?

Lydia is a young actress who is relatively new to television.

Her first television role was in Russell T Davies’ ITV drama Years and Years in 2019.

Lydia portrayed Bethany Bisme-Lyons in the six-part opposite Russell Tovey, Rory Kinnear, Emma Thompson and Anne Reid.

Viewers will remember that tech addict Bethany wanted to become “transmhuman.”

Lydia played as Lucy Westenra in the BBC’s sexy Dracula adaptation in 2020.

She also appeared on Higher Grounds as Bridget before Russell T Davies cast her again – this time in his new drama It’s a Sin.

Lydia is currently shooting two new TV series called Suspicion and Text for You.

She goes places!

Who does Lydia West play in It’s a Sin?

Lydia plays Jill Baxter in the 80s drama It’s a Sin.

Lydia describes Jill as “a very kind, sweet, generous 18 year old girl from Woking”.

She moved to London to attend university, where she met Ash and Ritchie.

The gang lives a typically rough life at university until the threat of AIDS and HIV is upon them.

The character of Jill is based on someone Russell T Davies knew in the 80s.

Lydia explains, “The day before reading through, Russell informed me that Jill existed, that she is one of his friends and that she is playing my mother!

“The fact that I was chosen to play a character who was inspired by someone so close to Russell is just a great honor and I’m very proud of it.”

Jill Nalder, the inspiration for Lydia’s character, plays Jill’s mother on the show.

The cast of It’s a Sin is currently airing on Channel 4 on Fridays (Image credit: C4)

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Is she related to Thor star Tessa Thompson?

You would be forgiven for mistaking Lydia for Thor actress Tessa Thompson – a lot of people do!

Tessa is the American star of Creed, Westworld and Men in Black: International.

Lydia is not related to her, but she chases the tails of her career!

How old is Lydia West from It’s a Sin?

Lydia was born on June 24, 1993.

She is currently 27 years old.

Years and years
The cast of years and years including Lydia West (Credit: ITV)

Is she social

Lydia often shares photos of her. It is a sin that plays along on her official Instagram Page.

She doesn’t have a Twitter page yet.

It’s a sin episode two

Ritchie and Jill begin a program to become professional actors, while Colin is thrilled to be offered a trip to New York.

Roscoe hides his anger when he is excluded from his sister’s wedding and Jill enters a world of mystery and fear.

The headline stories come true and the shadow of AIDS emerges.

But Ritchie’s disapproval is cruel and Jill is unable to tell the truth when things get worse.

It’s a sin that continues on Channel 4 on Fridays at 9 p.m.

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