The Aperol Spritz Cocktail Kit goes on sale just in time for the holiday picnic

Fans of the Aperol Spritz cocktail got some good news ahead of the holiday weekend.

With the UK finally set to bask in warm sunshine this coming weekend, there is no better time to have a picnic with friends and family and a cocktail or two.

And now the good people at Aperol have made picnic planning stress-free.

It brought out a new Italian version of the humble picnic and a new basket contains not only food but the brand new Aperol Spritz Cocktail Kit!

Cocktails and picnics are available this bank holiday weekend (Credit: Delivered)

Holiday weekend picnics are open!

With the temperatures rising, it’s finally time to set out and enjoy nature.

And you can forget about dry sandwiches and moist Scottish eggs.

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We have waited so long for summer to finally come and we are determined to do everything.

And thanks to Aperol’s team with the picnic basket company Pique, we can.

Aperol Spritz Cocktail Kit and Basket for Sale for Holiday Weekend
Round off the girls and enjoy a picnic lunch and a cocktail or two (Credit: Pexels)

So what’s in the Aperol Spritz cocktail basket?

First things first, food!

The baskets offer Italian-inspired staples to share.

Dine on saffron arancini with a herb aioli dip and fresh salads made from ham, melon, rocket and burrata with baby plum tomatoes, roasted pine nuts and micro-basil.

The menu also includes spicy sausage rolls, olives and freshly baked ciabatta.

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There is also a vegetarian option where the meaty dishes are exchanged for delicious vegetarian dishes.

We’re definitely not going to share the biting tomato and gorgonzola pizzas!

The whole thing is rounded off with a piece of lemon polenta cake.

The handcrafted baskets also contain the brand new portable Aperol spritz kit.

It contains a 35cl bottle of Aperol and Cinzano Prosecco, which means that an Aperol Spritz on the go has never been easier.

They even threw in two Aperol Spritz cups, soda water, and the classic fresh orange slice to garnish.

Aperol Spritz Cocktail Kit and Basket for Sale for Holiday Weekend
The new Aperol Spritz Kit will be available on Amazon next month (Credit: Supplied)

Where do I get the Aperol basket from?

You can order the basket online Here from May 29th.

It costs £ 65 for two and can be delivered nationwide until supplies last.

However, should you miss it, fear not.

The new Aperol Spritz Kit will be available from Amazon from next month.

It costs £ 13 instead of the usual £ 16 and includes everything you need for four or five cocktails.

“Summer is within reach,” said Loris Contro from Aperol.

Indeed, and we can’t wait!

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