The arrest of Gary Windass left fans in shock

On Coronation Street, Gary Windass was arrested for assaulting Adam Barlow and fans of ITV soap are in shock.

Killer Gary claimed two lives – the accidental death of Rana Habeeb and the murder of loan shark Rick Neelan – but he is innocent of attacking Adam.

Gary Windass was caught with the assault weapon (Credit: ITV)

Instead, he was caught trying to cover up the crime for his sister Faye.

She attacked Adam thinking he was her rapist Ray Crosby.

Last night she told Gary how she still had the weapon she used in the attack. He went into action to dispose of it for her.

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However, he was caught suspiciously acting by Craig Tinker – and was soon used for questioning.

And when the police put the forensics back on the gun and saw it was Adam’s blood, they arrested him.

However, the detective said to Gary, “Forensics has come back. We clearly identified the weapon as the object with which the victim was attacked.

Gary Windass Coronation Street
However, in the end, officer arrested Gary for Adam’s attack (Credit: ITV).

Barlow guessed it was you and you had the gun that had his blood on. Do you want to say something else? “

When Gary refused to comment, the officer had no choice but to arrest him.

“Gary Windass,” he said. “I’m arresting you for attacking Adam Barlow. You don’t have to say anything, but it can harm your defense not to mention anything that you will later rely on in court when asked.

“Anything you say can be given as evidence.”

Coronation Street fans are shocked by the arrest of Gary Windass

The fans are shocked by the arrest. One says, “I don’t want Gary to be sent down. He’s one of my #Corrie favorites. “

In addition, a second said, “Gary was arrested for Adam’s attack #Corrie.”

A third tweeted, “Gary has actually been charged now, seriously? #Corrie. “

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Fans shouldn’t worry, however, as Corrie boss Iain Macleod has insisted Gary is going nowhere.

“I’m in no rush to even see Gary’s back,” he told ED! and other media.

“Mikey [North, who plays Gary] is a fabulous performer, a really good actor, and a nice guy through and through. I enjoy watching Gary and hope we will do so for as long as possible. “

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