The attack scenes by Sharon and Sam were branded “madmen”

Coronation Street viewers branded Sharon and Sam’s attack scenes as “crazy” and “farzial”.

In the aftermath of the ITV soap on Monday night (May 31st), Jenny discovered that Sharon’s nephew Harvey is the same drug dealer who goes after Leanne, Simon and Nick.

When she tried to warn Rita why her foster daughter had really returned, she ran into Sharon.

She confronts Sharon about kidnapping Sam and working with Harvey. When Jenny left to call the police, Sharon took out a taser and patted Jenny.

Sharon patted Jenny. But some fans were unfazed by the scenes (Credit: ITV)

In the episode last night (Tuesday June 1), Gary discovered that the same van that abducted Sam was outside the cabin.

But when he broke the door to get into the store to see if Rita was okay, Sharon ran out the back.

When Gary realized she was trying to leave Weatherfield, he took the keys from the van and was followed by Sharon and one of Harvey’s men, Robbie.

As they walked down the alley, Robbie drew a gun.

But on the other side of the fence, Sam could hear the commotion and went out with his telescopic case to see what was going on.

Sam hit Robbie (Image: ITV)

Sharon walked away as Robbie prepared to shoot Gary and a shot was soon heard.

However, it soon emerged that Sam had hit Robbie from behind and knocked him unconscious.

When Robbie was hit, the gun went off. But the bullet missed Gary.

Coronation Street: What did the audience say about the scenes from Sharon and Sam?

However, the audience was not impressed by the attacks and called the scenes “Crazy” and “Farce”.

But some fans enjoyed the scenes.

How did you like the scenes?

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