The audience gives the banter with Phillip Schofield thumbs down

Four episodes of The Cube’s 2021 series have some viewers voicing reservations about a recent development on the ITV quiz show.

It seems that The Cube itself can not only speak but also has a bit of personality.

But not everyone appreciated the banter and interaction between host Phillip Schofield and last night’s participants (September 25th).

In fact, one viewer criticized the change as “taking in” and another asked why Phil and the Cube were suddenly best friends.

Stefan and Faruk were surprised by the reaction of the cube (Image: ITV)

The Cube 2021: What did the participants say to “excite” the Cube?

The battle talk started early in yesterday’s episode.

Participants Stefan and Faruk from Leeds told Phillip that they were sure of their chances.

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They explained how they believed the challenges of the Cube “should be nothing” after preparing hard at home.

“We came here to defeat the cube,” explained Stefan.

The Cube 2021: How Phillip Schofield Reacts?

Phillip turned his head and immediately threw the dice to see what they had to say about all of this.

“They came here to hit you,” he said, provoking the dice.

But the Cube got none of this and replied, “And the Cube is here to beat them.”

Phillip Schofield takes a hard look at The Cube
Phillip Schofield joked with the dice – but the viewers weren’t happy (Image credit: ITV)

“You kick the cube with a big stick”

Stefan and Faruk seemed surprised by the intervention and looked up as if the cube was talking to them from above.

Stefan didn’t give in, shot back: “Very funny Cube.”

Faruk joined in mockingly: “Is that all he has?”

Is that all he’s got?

But Phillip warned the pals not to get on the wrong side of the die.

“You haven’t even started yet and poke a large stick into it!” He exclaimed.

How the cube reacted

Flashing pink to convey his dissatisfaction to the candidates, Stefan quickly sounded conciliatory.

“Might regret it,” he admitted quietly.

Phillip agreed: “Not a good thing! Let’s see what happens, shall we? “

How the audience reacted

Some of those watching at home seemed concerned that the cube was being given a personality.

“Trying to turn the Cube into a character is pretty terrifying tbh #TheCube,” one person complained on Twitter.

Others asked how long Phil would be comfortable with the structure. They also emphasized how the development affected their viewing pleasure.

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“Is #TheCube saying something new? Maybe I’m unhappy, but is it really needed ?! ”wrote someone else.

And a third person repeated: “How long has Phillip Schofield had a buddy-buddy relationship with #TheCube?

“Don’t stand for being able to tell jokes now.”

The Cube will be broadcast on ITV on Saturdays from 7.30 p.m.

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