The audience shut themselves off because of “unbearable” sound problems

That morning had sound issues today when viewers complained that the show sounded “awful” and asked ITV to sort it out.

During the daytime show on Thursday (February 4th) hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield faced some serious technical issues that were affecting the sound of the show.

Today sound problems plagued this morning (Credit: ITV)

What did the viewers of This Morning say?

On Twitter, viewers complained that the sound was “unbearable” and made it difficult for them to keep watching, and compared it to a “creaky headboard”.

Others even said they had to mute the program because of the audio issues.

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One complained: “The tone is on [bleep] again @thismorning #ThisMorning. ”

Phil apologized to viewers who complained about the issues (Credit: ITV)

Another said, “What about the sound of a headboard creaking? #This morning.”

A third sentence: “Omg the sound, seriously, this is awful #Thismorning.”

A fourth tweeted, “@thismorning is sorting that out! #This morning.”

Sound problems with video calls are unbearable because the volume has to be turned down completely!

“Need to mute #ThisMorning when they make video calls!” said a fifth. “Sound is awful!”

“#ThisMorning oh dear, maybe needs to turn off, the sound is terrible,” wrote a sixth.

Another sentence: “Sound problems with video calls are unbearable because the volume has to be turned down completely! You may not be able to complete the call segments. “

What did Holly and Phil say about the sound problems that morning?

Phil said to the audience on the program: “Are you having sound problems with our show today?

“Apparently some people have problems with the sound. We are sorry about that.

“It seems okay to leave the two of us, but there’s a problem somewhere down the line.”

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Holly Willoughby told viewers that the producers were working to fix the problem as she said, “We tried to fix it during recess by merging cables but we couldn’t find it. I’m all hooked up, but you probably won’t even hear this. “

Some viewers said they had to mute the ITV daytime show (Credit: ITV)

Fortunately, they solved the problem.

A relived viewer said on Twitter: “Looks like they fixed the sound!”

Another wrote: “Sound fixes me thinks!”

ED! contacted ITV for comment.

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