The audience split over Cyrell’s outburst of shock

Married at First Sight Australia viewers were blown away by an argument between Cyrell Paule and Nic Jovanovic last night (January 28).

The couple clashed on the show after rumors surfaced that Nic touched competitor Jessika Power’s leg during a dinner party.

But where did the rumor start?

Cyrell snapped at Nic (Image credit: E4)

What happened between Nic and Jess at Married At First Sight?

“According to Jess, I rubbed her legs under the dining table at a dinner party and said, ‘This is news to me,” Nic said.

“I don’t understand why these rumors come out.”

A clearly unhappy Cyrell said, “There is just so much drama going on that without these rumors we have so much on our plate.

“We’re very busy, we don’t need extra stupid rumors that aren’t true.”

However, tensions quickly began to turn. It’s reality TV …

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Cyrell went wild (credit: E4)

“You just don’t have my back,” she yelled. “Never sit down and say you have my back. You never had my back before! “

But Nic wasn’t the only one feeling the power of Cyrell’s anger.

Martha Kalifatidis then became Cyrell’s next target after Nic suggested that she was responsible for spreading the rumor.

Cyrell stormed into Martha’s hotel room and yelled, “I think you’re not moving, I think you are bending on people’s backs.”

A producer then stepped in to hold Cyrell back.

When asked to leave, Cyrell smashed a bowl in protest on the way out.

After she calmed down, she returned to Martha’s room to apologize for “grabbing” it and breaking the bowl.

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Viewers were divided by Cyrell’s outbreak (Image credit: E4)

What side were the viewers of Married At First Sight on?

The audience had a lot to say about the incident.

Many said both Jess and Cyrell were “out of order”.

“Okay, I wouldn’t be surprised if Martha and Jess tried to tease Cyrell to get rid of them. Both snakes! “said a fan.

A second tweet: “Looks like I was right Martha and Jess. Bullies! Mean Girls! #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia ”.

Some even went so far as to claim that Cyrell was a “bunny boiler”.

One viewer tweeted: “If Nic stays with him Cyrell continued after her psychological outbreak #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia last night he has to lock the knife drawer and sleep with one eye open. #BunnyBoiler ”

While a second tweeted: “I cI don’t understand why people are against Martha and don’t accept it Cyrell‘s wrong excuse. ‘Sorry’ in a minute – flies in utter anger the next second. Unacceptable! #bunnyboiler #marriedatfirstsightaustralia. ”

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