The audience thinks he’s going to kill daughter Chelsea

EastEnders fans are certain that Lucas Johnson will murder his own daughter Chelsea in the soap after discovering her plan to furnish it.

The serial killer was recently released from prison and reunited with his estranged daughter.

Lucas Johnson knows what his daughter is planning for him (Photo credit: BBC)

Viewers have known for a while that Chelsea didn’t take their father altruistically.

But in the Friday night episode, Lucas discovered her real motives for pretending to forgive him.

She uses him as an ignorant drug mule to bring large quantities of Class A drugs to Spain.

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Chelsea had convinced Lucas to go out on the pitch so he could be exactly where she needed him.

“I have a surprise for you later,” she told him. But he hesitated: “I’m not keen on surprises.”

Little did she notice, however, that Lucas had been watching one of the men who attacked him in the square.

Estenders Chelsea Fox
Little did Chelsea know that her dad knows what she’s doing (Credit: BBC)

Lucas was suspicious and tested Chelsea by seeing if she let him leave the pitch and she fell for it.

She told him she would miss him and went to get coffee to give Lucas the opportunity to introduce himself to the thug.

Lucas jumped into the man’s car and bluffed his way through a conversation to convince the man he was in on the map.

The idiot drug dealer fell for it and informed Lucas of the details of the plan.

“She has the ticket and the passports. Someone will pick you up at the airport, ”said the man.

The dealer was tricked into telling Lucas everything (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Lucas Johnson discovers daughter Chelsea’s drug plot

A shocked Lucas realized what Chelsea was doing but masked his anger.

Lucas played dumb and waited for Chelsea to confirm their role by giving him his surprise – tickets to Ibiza.

“I think we need a vacation,” she said to him, insisting that she wanted to have a “good time” with him.

“Wow,” Lucas said clearly, planning his revenge.

“Looks like I need a bigger bag,” he added.

And fans are convinced that Lucas will increase his death toll by killing Chelsea for their betrayal.

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One said, “Watch Lucas kill Chelsea #eastenders.”

A second said: “Lucas is going to kill again and now he knows Chelsea makes him so fit …”

A third said: “Chelsea will probably die.”

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