The Bay’s second season finale divides viewers as a brand ending that ends “stupid”

Bay’s second season ended last night, but the conclusion of the six-part series left viewers divided.

The ITV drama with Morven Christie as police officer Lisa Armstrong ended on Wednesday evening (February 24th).

Warning! Spoilers ahead for episode six.

Bay Season 2 has come to an end (Photo credit: Jonny Birch / Tall Story Pictures / ITV)

What happened at the end of The Bay’s second season?

In the last episode of the series, Lisa caught Stephen Marshbrook’s killer.

It turned out that junkyard boss Frank Mercer had paid a man to kill Stephen.

Frank was having an affair with Stephen’s wife, Rose, and he thought the only way to get her out of the marriage was to kill her husband. Rose had no idea and had nothing to do with the killing.

Rose’s secret lover paid someone to kill her husband Stephen (Photo Credit: Jonny Birch / Tall Story Pictures / ITV)

No justice for med

In the last episode, the company behind all the seedy Bradwell real estate deals could not be investigated.

Lisa’s colleague Med was killed in an earlier episode while inspecting one of the properties.

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A car brutally ran him over and he died shortly afterwards.

But in the final episode, the investigation didn’t reveal who killed Med.

Instead, Lisa’s ex Andy attacked her and the children again in the closing scenes after she found out that he has another family.

And on Twitter, some viewers feared the show might fail to provide answers or bring Med’s killer to justice.

No Justice For Med Yet (Credit: ITV)

What did ITV viewers say?

One tweeted, “Wtf, it can’t end like this without letting us know who killed Med #TheBay.”

Another, with an angry face, wrote Emoji: “So no one is arrested for the murder of poor Med?”

Totally lost. How can you leave the series like this!

A third sentence: “Totally lost. How can you leave the series like this! Who killed Med, who was behind Breakwater, what was in the files, was totally disappointed. “

“What a stupid ending!” said a fourth. “Then who killed him? Did the woman actually have something to do with it? What about mark? What happened to the law firm? Who Killed Med? Who is leading the criminal gang? Let’s hope Series 3 holds all of these loose ends together. It has to be safe! #The Bay.”

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“Is this a joke?” asked a fifth. “Who killed Med, what happened to Wellenbrecher? #the Bay.”

However, some called the ending “fabulous” and found it a “satisfactory” conclusion to the series.

Someone tweeted, “Very satisfying #TheBay ending tonight … such humanity and an excellent storyline with so many well-developed characters.”

Another wrote: “#thebay brill series and fabulous ending. I didn’t expect the murdered man’s wife to have the affair and be involved in the killer. “

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