The BBC show is filming the right tribute

Top Gear presenter Sabine Schmitz died last week and last night’s episode paid tribute to her.

The German racing driver died at the age of 51 after battling cancer.

Unfortunately, BBC One viewers struggled with the tribute on Sunday night (March 21), calling it “pathetic”, but the show confirmed that an appropriate tribute is in the pipeline.

The BBC dedicated the Top Gear to Sabine Schmitz last night (Photo credit: BBC)

Top Gear pays tribute to presenter Sabine Schmitz

The latest episode of the program was dedicated to Sabine.

Presenters Freddie Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris were back for the second episode of the new series.

At the end a picture of the deceased TV star appeared on the screen, together with the message: “In memory of Sabine Schmitz, 1969-2021.”

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On Twitter, some viewers had problems nodding to Sabine.

Tribute to the late TV star at the end of the episode (Credit: BBC)

What did BBC viewers say?

One said sarcastically: “Look at #topgear for the advertised Sabine tribute, a photo at the end… Well done, must have thought a lot, a warm greeting to a great driver. Compassionate. “

Another wrote: “I thought they would dedicate more to Sabine tonight #TopGear.”

Is that the best thing you can do tonight in honor of Sabine Schmitz?

A third said, “I expected more from #TopGear, a video homage and a monologue? Only suitable for former moderators! RIP #SabineSchmitz. ”

A fourth put with angry emojis: “I’m sorry @BBC_TopGear is the best thing you can do tonight as a tribute to #SabineSchmitz? Who we tragically lost last week, five seconds before #TopGear started! You could have taken a tribute, you had time! Please correct this @BBCOne. ”

There’s a real Sabine Schmitz homage in the works (Photo credit: Terry Scott / /

Someone else said, “Disappointed that you haven’t shown previous footage to celebrate your life and working with the show over the years.”

However, one viewer said to others: “Some misunderstandings about the size of the homage to Sabine to #Topgear tonight. The show is not live and was made before the sad news of this week. A carefree tribute to this beloved and respected presenter is on the way. #RIP #SabineShmitz. ”

Real Sabine Schmitz tribute in progress

In fact, Top Gear’s Twitter account revealed at the beginning of the program that while the episode was for Sabine, an appropriate tribute was in the works.

The program said to the users of social media: “We are dedicating this episode to our colleague Sabine Schmitz, who unfortunately passed away during the week after this episode was recorded. Production of an upcoming tribute to Sabine has already begun – with more information on when and how to see her – #TopGear. “

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Similarly, presenter Chris tweeted: “For those who ask about a Sabine film, production has already started with an upcoming homage to her. And we’ll post more information about when and how fans can watch them later in this current series. “

A BBC spokesperson reiterated this, telling ED: “We dedicated last night’s episode to Sabine, but there was no tribute in the actual episode as the films and studio sections were recorded a few weeks ago – before Sabine died.

“The Top Gear Team [is] We’re doing a decent homage to Sabine right now and will be releasing more information on when and how fans can see this later in the current run. “

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