The beast destroyed by the candidate as she is called “the best of all time”

Chase viewers praised a contestant after her incredible solo performance against The Beast last night.

On Wednesday night’s show, which was a rerun, Mo, Ali, Rebecca and Gary competed against Chaser Mark Labbett – aka The Beast.

However, it was only Ali who made it back to the Final Chase after bagging £ 5,000.

Ali put on an incredible feat (Credit: ITV)

What happened at The Chase?

Then Ali drove an incredible 19 paces ahead of the chaser.

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Bradley Walsh said to her, “Ali, great! I have to say when you said 16 [steps] Before the break I said, “Not really, not alone.”

“19! Brilliant, well played. “

The hunt for the beast
Ali bagged £ 5,000 (Credit: ITV)

Did the beast catch her?

The beast then returned when it tried to catch up with Ali’s 19 paces.

However, she packed four pushbacks and The Beast finally ran out of time.

The hunter said, “Give her a hug” as Bradley went to Ali to give her a hug.

The host said: Well done, darling. Beasty Boy, solo player. “

The beast replied, “You pressure me, but you are putting me under the pressure that is played so well.”

The beast on the hunt
The beast failed to catch Ali (Credit: ITV)

What did the audience say?

Viewers were amazed on Twitter, with many calling Ali one of the “greatest players of all time”.

One person said, “Ali is the best candidate I have ever seen. Knowledge bombs are falling everywhere. “

Another wrote: “Come on in Ali, possibly the best car chase I’ve ever seen, 19 alone, amazing.”

One added: “One of the best players I’ve ever seen #finalchase incredible!”

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Others also called the Final Chase one of the best around.

One tweeted, “This is the best final chase I’ve ever seen, wow.”

Another said, “This has to be one of the best final chases ever made.”

The chase airs on ITV at 5pm on weekdays.

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