The Big Brother winner takes Noa to the hospital with an infection

Kate Lawler took baby Noa to the hospital after developing an infection in her finger.

The former reality TV star, 40, recently took her daughter to the hospital after the little one had breathing problems.

Now the Big Brother winner had to take Noa again, this time because of an infected finger.

Kate Lawler updated fans about Baby Noa on Instagram (Image Credit: Kate Lawler / Instagram Stories)

What did Kate Lawler say about Baby Noa?

Kate took to social media on Thursday evening (February 25) and posted videos on her Instagram Stories informing followers of the situation.

A clip from Noa’s hand showed that she had a swollen finger.

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Kate said, “She was named 111 because the tip of her finger was red, hot, and swollen. Was instructed to take her directly to A&E for it to be considered infected.

“Hopefully we can get antibiotics and go home as soon as possible.”

Noa had to spend the night in the hospital (Image credit: Kate Lawler / Instagram Stories)

Overnight in hospital

Later a nurse took care of them and they waited for a doctor. Kate told fans that her daughter seemed “in good spirits”.

After several diaper changes, a bottle, and some breastfeeding, Kate explained that the doctors wanted to keep Noa overnight.

She looks healthy, so hopefully it’s a sign that she’s responding well. Hopefully we can go home.

She said in her stories, “We have to stay the night as she is too young to be sent home with antibiotics.”

As Kate continued, she announced that they had tried several times to insert a cannula into Noa, but it would not work and the death was “so desperate”.

Kate later revealed that Noa had paronychia, which is an infection of the skin around the nail.

Kate Lawler and fiance Martin (Photo Credit: Brett D. Cove /

Noa responds well

She was given antibiotics for this by cannula, which the doctors were able to insert after eight attempts, and Noa finally fell asleep.

Kate said, “She slept well from 4:00 in the morning. She looks healthy so hopefully it’s a sign that she is responding well. Hopefully we can go home later that evening. “

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Kate posted an update on Friday lunchtime, saying doctors had told her Noa was “responding very well” and that her finger was looking better.

She added, “Unfortunately, Bodge [fiancé Martin] can’t be here as only one parent can visit. “

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