The British were preparing for a glorious solar week

The British are only a few days away from sitting in a beer garden enjoying a beer – and the weather seems to be getting a little hot!

Weather forecasters predict a full week of sunshine from Monday (April 12th).

This is of course the case when the pubs FINALLY open again after four months.

However, customers can only drink and dine outdoors or in COVID-safe enclosures.

Which is okay given the prognosis!

We are only a few days away from the reopening of the beer gardens! (Credit: Unsplash)

What’s the weather like next week?

The week starts with somewhat modest temperatures of 12 ° C.

However, it is predicted that it will hit at least 16 ° C by Thursday.

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It is expected to stay at 16 ° C and sunny until the following Monday (April 19).

The cool weather we’ve been experiencing lately is sure to change!

And, according to the Met Office, temperatures will most likely “be slightly above average for a while over the weekend”.

When can I drink in a beer garden?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that the second step in easing the lockdown will begin on Monday April 12th.

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This means pubs can reopen to serve both food and alcohol – but only outdoors.

Pubs can serve punters through a snack bar or outdoors in a beer garden, tent, and / or marquee.

Brits are asked to reserve a table or outdoor space well in advance.

Pub garden
We’ll soon be able to enjoy a beer outdoors (Credit: Unsplash)

But some pubs are still preparing to welcome walk-ins.

However, unlike the last unlock, you don’t have to eat an “essential meal” to enjoy an alcoholic drink.

In fact, the Prime Minister has said he can’t wait to go to his local pub.

During a press conference on Downing Street, he said: “On Monday the 12th, I’ll go to the pub myself – and carefully but irreversibly lift a pint of beer to my lips.”

Lock of the pub garden lifted
We’re still weeks away from getting approved in pubs (Credit: unsplash)

When can we leave the beer garden and drink inside?

If everything goes according to plan, customers will be able to drink and eat in pubs from May 17th.

In anticipation of this, many pubs and restaurants have been fully booked for months.

When will everything be back to normal?

According to the current lockout roadmap, all lockout restrictions will be lifted by June 21st.

Many call this coming Monday “Freedom Day”.

If this is followed, it should mark the official end of the current lockdown.

However, certain activities may still require social distancing and face masks.

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