The cast of Mrs Browns Boys pays tribute as the show is rocked by the Covid death

The cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys was shaken by a tragic death.

The popular BBC sitcom is hugely popular with viewers and regularly attracts record numbers this Christmas.

However, those working on the show are currently in mourning.

Dennis Knotts, a creative who worked on the show for a decade, has died of Covid-19.

He worked as a prop master on the sitcom and caught Covid last month (September).

After complications, Dennis tragically passed away in October.

One of the crew members of Mrs. Brown’s Boys has died (Image: BBC)

Mrs. Brown’s Boys: Brendan O’Carroll speaks out

Actor Brendan O’Carroll says he was heartbroken by the news of Dennis’ death.

In an interview with the Irish independentBrendan called Dennis “one of the family”.

“He was the most adorable man and actually we dedicated the Christmas episode to him, we loved him very much,” he said.

“He’s been on every show we’ve done with the BBC and that was ten years ago. He was the prop master for each of them. “

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Additionally, Brendan said there were some people among the cast and crew who had worked with Dennis for four decades.

“We lost one of the family. Some people had worked with Dennis for 40 years. You are just devastated; they can’t believe it. “

Tragically, the cast and crew of Mrs Brown’s Boys are in the process of filming two Christmas specials.

As a result, the news hit her particularly hard.

Death of Mrs. Brown's Boys
The sitcom returns for Christmas (Credit: BBC)

What did Brendan’s wife say?

Jenny Gibney, Brendan’s wife and co-star, added, “We were in the process of taping this episode when we received news that he had died.

“We did the show for Dennis; that’s how we all got through. We said, ‘Let’s do this for Dennis.’ And that’s what we did. “

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The boys from Mrs Brown were originally a theater production. However, since then it has made its way onto television, both on RTE in Ireland and on BBC One in the UK.

In addition, it’s the highest-rated comedy in the country and voted the best sitcom for the 21st year by viewers.NS Century by the Radio Times.

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