Bradley Walsh looking shocked, Layla looking annoyed on The Chase

The Chase host Bradley Walsh under fire for remarks

The Chase host Bradley Walsh under fire for remarks

The Chase host Bradley Walsh has come under fire for a “condescending” remark he made to a player on the show last night.

The 62-year-old was trying to compliment one of the contestants on the show – but viewers took issue with his wording.

Bradley was impressed with Layla (Credit: ITV)

What happened on The Chase yesterday?

Yesterday saw another four contestants take on the Chaser in the hope of winning big money.

One of the contestants on yesterday’s show was Layla – who seemed to impress both Bradley and the viewers at home.

The 20-year-old film student from Lancaster was third up and managed to pick up £4,000 in the cash builder round.

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Layla then went up against Jenny Ryan, aka The Vixen, and walked away victorious. She then went into the Final Chase.

Bradley was seriously impressed with the student, repeatedly branding her as a “good player for a youngster”.

Layla may have been touched by Bradley’s words, but viewers at home weren’t.

Layla smiling on The Chase
Layla wowed Bradley Walsh (Credit: ITV)

Bradley Walsh on The Chase

Plenty of viewers took to Twitter to complain about Bradley’s “condescending” comment towards Layla.

“Good player for a youngster! Does that [bleep] Bradley even know what he’s saying?” one viewer ranted.

“For a youngster,” another wrote, adding an eye-roll emoji to their tweet.

“Good player for a youngster klaxon,” a third said sarcastically.

“Stop saying ‘for a young player’ you [bleeping] condescending [bleep] Seat 2 is about 100 and he was [bleep],” another wrote.

Bradley Walsh looking shocked on The Chase
Brad branded yesterday’s contestants the “perfect team” (Credit: ITV)

What happened next on The Chase?

Layla wasn’t the only one who did well on The Chase last night.

Before she stepped up to the plate, her teammate, John, built up £6,000 and took it back to the table after evading The Vixen.

Bernie was up next, and he picked up £3,000. After Layla it was Viv, who managed to win £3,000 for the team.

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This meant that they went into the Final Chase with £16,000 on the line.

The team managed to build up a 20-step lead, and it proved to be too much for Jenny, who couldn’t catch them.

“20 [steps] was exactly what we needed,” Bradley said. “Perfect. Absolutely perfect game, the perfect storm, the perfect team!”

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