The Duchess responds to “flirt” claims

Prince William got a little awkward last night when he and wife Kate joined Emma Thompson and Emma Stone on a Zoom call.

The foursome got together to chat about the new film Cruella before a screening in Scotland paid tribute to the NHS last night (May 26th).

Before the screening, William and Kate took the time to chat with the stars of the film – and things got a little uncomfortable for the father of three.

Kate responded to allegations that her husband flirted with a nursing home resident (Credit: Splash News)

What happened to Prince William and Kate on the Zoom call?

After Emma Thompson talked about the new Disney movie, she brought up the topic of cuddling.

And it made William think about a meeting he had with Betty, a resident of the nursing home earlier this week, before Kate arrived in Scotland.

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A video on Instagram showed the prince chatting with the 96-year-old when an employee accused him of “flirting” with Betty.

Sir that he is, William duly apologized.

However, Mrs. Kate has now responded to the friendly ways of her husband.

Prince William and Kate: Couple joke over flirtatious OAP
The Royals spoke to Emma Thompson and Emma Stone ahead of the Cruella screening (Credit: YouTube)

What did Kate say about Williams’ flirting?

William explained, “I was suggested by a 96-year-old woman in a nursing home named Betty who wanted to kiss me.

“She is in a nursing home with her daughter and I said, ‘Betty, if I do this I’ll be hit on the back of the head for inappropriate social distancing.’

“She said, ‘Well, I’ll have you after that.'”

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He added, “She was a real figure.”

When the Cruella stars giggled at his story, Mrs. Kate replied.

Laughing, she joked, “This happens when I’m not around.”

William clearly agreed and laughed, “She saw her way in!”

Prince William and Kate: Couple joke over flirtatious OAP
William admits his flirtatious encounter with Betty (Image credit: YouTube)

Prince William and Kate pay tribute to Prince Philip in the cinema

During their date night at the cinema last night, William and Kate paid a touching tribute to the late Prince Philip.

The couple traveled to Holyroodhouse, where it was held, in one of their beloved Land Rovers.

Her Majesty the Queen loaned the couple to the couple for the occasion.

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