The eldest of his eleven children wants him to rot in hell.

Levi Bellfield: 5 Mistakes That Caught a Killer will air on C5 (Wednesday, Jan 13, 2021) at 10 p.m. tonight, and the serial killer has been cast out by his children.

The oldest of his eleven children, daughter Bobbie, does not call Levi as a father and wants him to “rot in hell”.

English serial killer and sex offender Bellfield is serving three life sentences for the murder of three young girls, including Milly Dowler.

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Levi Bellfield fathered 11 children before he was jailed (Image credit: YouTube)

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Who is Levi Bellfield?

Levi is a former doorman and car fighter who murdered Marsha McDonnell, Amélie Delagrange, and Milly Dowler.

He was born in Isleworth, London, in May 1968.

He is also known by the name Yusuf Rahim after converting to Islam in 2016.

Cruel nicknames include The Bus Stop Stalker, The Bus Stop Killer, and The Hammer Man.

Levi was convicted of burglary, assault, and driving offenses before moving on to murder.

Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton, who ran the murder investigation, said of Levi, “When we first started dealing with him, he looked very funny, like your best buddy.

“But he’s a smart person, violent. He can immediately switch from nice to bad. “

Who is Levi Bellfield’s daughter Bobbie?

Levi had 11 children with three wives.

The oldest is Bobbie-Louise Bellfield, who previously spoke about the horrors of her father’s crimes.

In a 2011 interview with BBC News, she said she wanted him to “rot in hell”.

Bobbie, who was then 20 years old but is now 30, said “it was no surprise at all” when he was arrested for the murder of school girl Milly Dowler.

She remembered Levi raping and beating her mother, Becky Wilkinson.

Bobbie admitted, “I’m very angry. I hate him so much. I feel sick that someone can do this to a person.

“I cried myself to sleep. She was only a few years older than me. How scared must she have been? “

Bobbie never wants to see him again and refuses to call him father.

She also wrote a heartbreaking letter of apology to Milly’s parents and sister on behalf of her family.

She said, “You were right when you said ‘a life for a life’. Being locked up isn’t punishment enough for what he’s done. “

In an interview with Der Spiegel, she added: “I have dreams in which he breaks out of prison and shows up at the door.

“And I just prepare for what’s next. If he kills three, there are sure to be more. “

Bobbie-Louise Bellfield on BBC News
Bobbie-Louise Bellfield appeared on BBC News in 2011 (Photo Credit: BBC / YouTube)

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Where is he now?

Levi, 52, is serving three life sentences.

He is currently incarcerated in HMP Frankland, Country Durham and attempted suicide in October 2019.

Before that he was at HM Prison Wakefield.

The judge recommended that he never be released from prison or parole.

Levi Bellfield victim Credit: YouTube
The murder victims of the hideous serial killer Levi Bellfield (Image credit: YouTube)

Levi Bellfield: 5 mistakes that caught a murderer

The Channel 5 documentary explores the murders of Levi Bellfield and the main pieces of evidence that have put him on trial.

It is asked if Levi would have claimed even more victims had he not made a series of mistakes that alerted the police.

The show features interviews with detectives, including the officer who interrogated him.

His former partner, Johana Collings, with whom he has two children, also talks about his crimes.

She previously admitted that Levi raped her hundreds of times during their relationship.

The troubling documentary first aired in July 2020.

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In Manhunt, Martin Clunes played as DCI Sutton, who was chasing serial killer Levi Bellfield.

The drama shows how police officers eventually linked the murders of Amelie Delagrange, Marsha McDonnell and Milly Dowler.

Nine million viewers tuned in and the show was the top rated new drama of 2019 on any channel.

A second series from Manhunt was recently announced.

Levi Bellfield: 5 Mistakes That Catched a Killer will air on C5 Wednesday January 13th at 10pm.

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